A Blood-Filled Eye Calls Joe Biden’s Health Into Question

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Whilst participating in CNN’s town hall on climate change last night, a blood vessel seemingly burst in Joe Biden’s left eye.

Notably, broken blood vessels can be caused by many things – high blood pressure, blood thinners, bleeding disorders, and excessive straining.

Although the media frequently harped on President Trump’s medical history, the last time Biden released any medical records was in 2008.

In a write-up by the Washington Examiner, they detail Biden’s tumultuous medical history. In 1988, Biden had an aneurysm that burst and required emergency surgery. Just months after that, a second aneurysm was stopped before it ruptured. Afterward, Biden took 7 month leave from the Senate.

In 1996, Biden had a benign polyp removed during a colonoscopy. In 2003, his gallbladder was removed. Biden also suffers from allergies and asthma and allegedly takes medication to lower his cholesterol and for an enlarged prostate.

After doctors found he had an irregular heartbeat, Biden hasn’t disclosed any of his medical history since the last records released over a decade ago. Bearing in mind, this isn’t even mentioning Biden’s numerous gaffes recently made on the campaign trail.

While in New Hampshire, Joe Biden thought he was in Vermont. Biden claimed that 40 students died at Kent State – in reality, 4 were killed and 9 were injured. Biden told rally-goers that “poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids”. He claimed he was vice president during the 2018 Parkland school shooting and said that he met with the kids personally in D.C.

Sadly, concerns about the health of the leading candidate in the Democratic field feels all too familiar

Biden, with a litany of problems and issues, is somehow the candidate the establishment seems to want to bet all their horses on for 2020. If they continue to push him upon voters, they will find themselves in a repeat of 2016 in more ways than just health concerns.

Joe Biden co-manned the disastrous Obama administration – that alone shreds his reputation and credibility. It’s baffling to think that the political Establishment believes Biden would be their best choice against President Trump, who they woefully underestimated the first go-around.

If the DNC is in belief their best path is to a run a man who seems to be going senile on the national stageand I say that not as a barb, but as the truth let us to allow them to dig their own hole deeper and deeper.