About The Authors

Duane Norman

Duane Norman is the Administrator and Editor-in-Chief of Boomer Mindset.  Duane lives his best Boomer Mindset life in the way that only a 30-something-year-old-boomer can.  Duane is also a contributing author for the following websites:

Contact information for Duane Norman is available here.


Jon Hall

Jon Hall is avidly interested in U.S. politics and technology. Anti-Democrat, anti-Republican, anti-Globalism; Hall hones in with laser-focus, holding politicians and officials accountable for any misdoings. Hall has been featured on Zerohedge, The Burning Platform, and the Drudge Report, and is also a featured author on Voice of Europe, helping bring his coverage on the European Migrant Crisis to a broader audience.

Jon Hall can be contacted via Twitter.


Ben Isaac

Ben Isaac was a contributor at REGATED.com before joining Boomer Mindset, writing about national news and offering perspective on the mood of the voters. Ben is a registered Independent voter in South Carolina. Ben is more interested in the truth than partisanship, and is determined to restore the integrity back to journalism.


Jim Reinhardt

Jim Reinhardt is Boomer Mindset’s Senior Meme Correspondent. He can be reached via meme communique only.