Alleged Islamist Terrorist Recruiter Allowed Haven In The United Kingdom

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In Leicester, England, an alleged Islamist terror recruiter and extremist hate preacher from Germany has been given haven, according to reports.

The German government accuses Brahim Belkaid of leading an organization called Die Wahre Religion, or “the true religion”, which was expelled and ousted after being linked to the radicalization of 140 people who volunteered to fight with terror groups linked to ISIS and al-Qaeda.

German authorities investigated Belkaid, accusing him of using aid convoys in Syria as a front to support a radical Islamic terror group which served as an al-Qaeda outfit until recently.

It’s been suggested that Belkaid’s visa was approved while Prime Minister Theresa May was head of the Home Office under David Cameron. News outlet, The Times claims to have seen photo of Belkaid handing out Qu’rans from his home in Leicester and preaching an extremist Salafist strain of Sunni Islam.

The Times also describes a post on his Facebook page which shows bullets and a sword blade adorned with the slogan “Jihad: the only solution” along with other posts which appear to promote American Islamist Anwar al-Awlaki, an al-Qaeda leader who allegedly plotted a large number of terror attacks.

Of the relocation of Belkaid, a Home Office spokesman said:

Extremism has no place in the UK. The Home Secretary has the power to exclude non-British nationals from the UK if he believes they represent a serious threat.

As Breitbart points out, the spokesman’s statement is vague and doesn’t actually say whether Belkaid qualifies as a “serious threat” or is even being considered for expulsion from the country.

After a certain point and many instances of authorities in the United Kingdom ignoring the actual dangers associated with refugees and migrants and focusing their attention elsewhere, one must wonder whether or not it’s truly ignorance or actually willful disregard of the situation at hand.

The United Kingdom may be under siege – but officials and politicians may also have a suicidal death wish for the country as a whole. The blatant disregard of sovereign citizens and their safety is hard to write off as otherwise.