Anti-White Migrants Across Britain Get Away Scot-Free In “No-Go Zones” For Whites

At the end of May, in the county of West Midlands – London’s second largest borough – a local council worker was attacked after confronting a car of women who were littering cigarette butts from their vehicle. As the Litter Officer was taking down the women’s info during the stop, Raja Malik exited from a nearby home and began to accost the officer, saying that “everyone chucks cigarette butts… I’ve done it”.

Malik threatened the council worker, saying if he called police Malik would “fucking take his head off” and screamed at the worker to get off of his property. Specifically, Malik called the worker a “white motherfucker” as he told him to leave.

Mohammed Nawaz also joined Raja Malik in the attack, assaulting the council worker with a mop handle. According to news reports, “the attack was so violent that it shattered the mop handle into pieces upon making an impact with the victim’s body”.

On May 27 in London court, Malik pled guilty to assault and racially aggravated assault and Nawaz pled guilty to using an offensive weapon during their attack. Despite assaulting a public service worker based on nothing but skin color, the pair received slaps on the wrist.

Malik was given nine months in jail and Nawaz was sentenced to six months. Both were ordered to pay the worker £500 for injuries. The victim suffered bruising but was not badly injured in result of the attack. However, by being given lenient sentences for a violent and hateful crime, it is sending the clear message to the perpetrators that such behavior and sentiment is not only tolerated, it’s welcomed if they will be back out on the streets in an irrelevant amount of time.

The story behind Malik and Nawaz makes much more sense in context of recent allegations of “No-Go Zones” and more across England from author Ed Husain.

Ed Husain visited mosques across the United Kingdom and showed unannounced to the largest weekly gatherings on Fridays. Husain also spoke to taxi drivers, business owners, Imams, and worshipers. From Husain’s research, Islam is allegedly dominated by an ultra-orthodox sect who control over half of the mosques in Britain and gave birth to Taliban in Afghanistan.

White men shared “No-Go Zones” in Blackburn, along with a sign in a church turned converted mosque in Didsbury for the “Sharia Department”, and a white woman even went so far as to predict that Bradford would become an “apartheid city” in 30 years to Husain during his travels.

Areas like Bolton, Dewsbury, and Blackburn are called “a different universe” with parts of the cities where “Muslims can spend months with no contact whatsoever with mainstream ‘white’ Britain”. In Bradford, parents have banned their children from participating in any drama, theater, or dance classes – even art class – drawing similarities to recent rules enforced by ISIS in Syria.

Several white men allegedly discussed with Husain during his visit to Blackburn, which has the highest Muslim population outside of London, that they fear physical violence if they enter certain areas of Blackburn. A father detailed that a gang of “Asian” teenagers repeatedly “jumped” his 12-year-old son in Whalley Range, a part of the town. According to the father, his son was “battered… in broad daylight… for being white”. Another man labeled Whalley Range as a place he would avoid to Husain as well.

This second man from Blackburn continued to describe of Whalley Range:

If we go to Whalley Range at night-time, we’re guaranteed to get jumped. We won’t walk out of it. We won’t walk to the other end of the street.


It is no longer a dire warning to the people of the United Kingdom, but instead an ominous declaration: Your government has not kept their end of the unspoken social contract. The citizen goes to work, pays taxes, and stays compliant. The government extends peace, safety, and prosperity in return to modern society. That is, of course, simplified in theory but it’s clear to see – the British government simply has not kept their people safe, prosperous, or secure.