AP Claims Of Georgia Voter Suppression Are Actually… Voter Fraud

In a startling Twitter thread by Erick Erickson of The Resurgentmassive voter fraud has been ousted and exposed in Georgia. A review by the Secretary of State (and even an independent investigator) set a massive lie straight about “pending” voters filed by Democrat Stacey Abrams.

As detailed by Erickson, the Associated Press ran a story on October 9th concerning “pending” voters, claiming that 53,000 people had been placed on a “pending voter” file in Georgia because of “exact match” law. “Exact match” requires voters to match their drivers license to their voter registration information.

In the story published by the Associated Press, hyphenated or changed last names were called out as an issue of voter suppression (among other things) by Stacey Abrams, the Democrat candidate for governorship of Georgia. 

Abrams asserted that Republican rival Brian Kemp attempted to suppress minority and women voters via the supposed 53,000 “pending” voters.

The AP also interviewed a woman named Marsha Appling-Nunez and claimed she was a “pending” voter.

Instead, Appling-Nunez is an active voter and can vote on November 6th, despite the AP’s misleading report.

As broken down by Erickson:

There are not 53,000 pending voters. There are just over 75,000 voters. Here’s how they break down.

9,224 are ‘pending’ because the person is 17.5.

2,935 used a fake address.

3,393 are ‘pending’ because citizenship could not be verified.

5,842 are ‘pending’ because they match another active voter file.

After you remove underage, fake addresses, duplicates, and non-citizens, you have roughly 46,000 ‘pending’ on the list.

75% are on the list because they failed Social Security Number verification, a process put in place under the Obama Administration.

On top of that, 23% of the staggering 75% of failed SSN verifications were submitted by the New Georgia Project, a non-profit set up leftist Stacey Abrams, and have been pending since 2014. 

This means 11,024 “pending” voters have never shown up at a Board of Elections anywhere in Georgia or even at a voting precinct.

Among 3% of these voters also match a canceled voter registration record; meaning the voter has died, was convicted or pled guilty to committing a felony, or turned out to be an illegal citizen.

Again, to drive the point home, these findings were revealed by the Georgia Secretary of State and a solo reviewer – so it’s not another “vast right-wing conspiracy theory“.

Instead of the rampant voter suppression claimed by Democrat Stacey Abrams, voter fraud by the left was spotlighted.

You’d think being totally covered in mud herself, Abrams would have thought better to accuse her opponent of playing dirty. Instead, she overplayed her hand, and has now outed herself as another corrupt leftist willing to manipulate and deceive her way to the top – no matter the cost.

Sadly, this scandal will be virtually ignored by the mainstream media, who constantly covers for the left and over-exaggerates the slights of the right.


Note: The entire thread has been captured below, in case of removal by either Twitter or Erickson.