As The French Migrant Crisis Grows Worse By The Day, Macron’s Approval Rating Tanks

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According to a major tracker poll published early this week, the approval of French President Emmanuel Macron has plummeted to just 25%.

After a nationwide “yellow vest” protest took place across France against high fuel prices, the poll results were published in a weekly newspaper and analysts say the outcome represents the widening frustration with 40-year-old Macron.

Overall, the poll was conducted between November 9th and the 17th across 1,957 people.

Specifically, Macron saw a steep drop of four points from October, with only 4% of respondents saying they were “very satisfied” with the French President’s performance. 21% claimed to be “mostly satisfied”.

34% were “mostly dissatisfied” and 39% were “very dissatisfied”.

Along with the near 283,000 people that took part in the protests against rising fuel prices, many are becoming more chagrined towards migrants and refugees and Macron’s open borders attitude toward immigrants.

Refugee camps and large migrant settlements have sprung up around France, leading to barbaric chaos and no-go zones.

Last week, 17 migrants were arrested after they stole a French fishing trawler, crossed a Channel, and reached the U.K. coast overnight in what was called an “unprecedented operation”.

A group of underage Iranians were somehow able to gain access to a commercial vessel – which should have security guarding it to stop something like this – and steal it, plainly putting the lives of any potential ship crew on board in danger. Not only that, but they were able to cross to the coast of the United Kingdom unhindered and unobstructed; only arrested after they got off the boat.

Alongside the trawler scandal, It’s also been revealed that three-quarters of migrants in Calais, France are mentally ill. Three-quarters of the 500 migrants living in a migrant settlement in Calais with hopes of entering Britain are currently suffering from some sort of mental illness.

Doctors of the World, an NGO, called the situation a “public health emergency” as the French public is faced with homeless illegal migrants still residing on the streets of Calais despite the largest so-called “Jungle camp” being dismantled.

Macron, in his bid to be progressive and politically correct toward “less fortunate refugees” – a la Germany’s Merkel – has turned beautiful Paris into a slum. France has been irrevocably changed and transformed for the worst, and his approval (again, similarly to Merkel) has tanked in result.

The damage is long done and the implications of Macron’s decisions will impact France for years to come – but it’s obvious, the issues and dangers of refugees are becoming reality for most and unable to be ignored any longer by average citizens.