As The U.K.’s Migrant Crisis Worsens, 25K Acres Of Countryside Is To Be Paved Over To Accommodate Housing Demand

In the United Kingdom, a record 12,350 acres of green belt land was released by the government for developers to pave over, as mass immigration causes a population boom and a demand for housing.

The green belt was designed to protect Britain’s countryside from urban sprawl – but since 2012, 25,000 acres have already been lost to development, according to the Daily Mail.

Recently, it’s been revealed by former U.K. housing minister Dominic Raab that not only has mass migration pushed house prices up by at least 20% but that an estimated extra 5.3 million new properties will be needed over the next five years. 2.4 million of those homes will go to migrants.

Rebecca Pullinger, planning campaigner for the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) said:

The government must stop heaping pressure on councils to deliver unrealistic targets that result in the green belt being chipped away. Instead developers should be held more accountable to deliver the homes that they have promised. Building within or on land released from the green belt is not the solution: it results in low density, unaffordable homes.

It has also been exposed, through the analysis of government statistics, that an overwhelming majority of the population growth the United Kingdom experienced at the beginning of the 21st century was caused directly from migration.

In the fifteen years from 2001 to 2016, 82% of growth resulted from migrants. Both the numbers of migrants settling into the United Kingdom annually and the number of children born to first-generation immigrant parents were taken into account and it was found that out of 6.6 million new people into the country, 5.4 million were migrants or their children.

With mass migration nearly being the sole driver behind the population boom Europe is undergoing, a recent report revealed that nearly 50,000 residents in Birmingham cannot speak English.

Now, precious and untouched countryside is being plowed over to accommodate migrants and refugees freely streaming in across the borders.

The destruction and betrayal of Britain continues full-speed ahead. It has become blatantly obvious that the British government does not have the best interests of natural citizens at heart.

How many natural-born citizens are homeless and on the streets? How many could benefit and become stable from free housing? If the green belt must be desecrated, then why can’t Britains be the ones to use it?

Plainly, if the United Kingdom continues to give, give, give to extended hands – that will only cause more hands to reach out in anticipation of what they’ll receive.

Before it’s too late, the British must begin to focus and think about themselves or they will find themselves strangers in a wholly strange land.