Bernie Sanders Claims “No One Wants” A Border Wall – Here’s Why He’s Wrong

Over the weekend, disgraced socialist Bernie Sanders took to Twitter to blast the President for pursuing a border wall – one of Trump’s biggest campaign promises

Having run on the promise of actual border security – and winning – I’d say more people want an “$18 billion wall” than don’t want it. Sanders also posits that Americans would rather provide full and complete amnesty for DACA Dreamers.

For instance, here’s why Sanders is wrong – this author would only swallow DACA if it were a compromise for the expediting process of a border wall.

Yet, others do not agree with full amnesty as Sanders suggests, and truthfully, I cannot blame those who do not. For decades, we’ve seen our politicians shrug federal law and make American taxpayers take it on the chin for the burgeoning cost of illegal, unfettered immigration.

Let’s do a litmus test…

Would the family of five murdered by an illegal immigrant in San Francisco – a sanctuary city – agree with Sanders? Would the two women in Oregon sexually assaulted by an illegal alien 20-times deported agree with him?

Kate Steinle – the woman shot and killed by an illegal immigrant that had entered the U.S. unlawfully five times and had seven prior felonies – most certainly wouldn’t agree with Sanders’ obtuse claim. 

Real Americans are sick of watching politicians sell out our country, usurping federal law already long placed in the books. Out-of-touch politicians like Sanders would do better to remember that their side lost and that the pulpit he’s preaching from is really just a slowly-disintegrating milk crate.

Bernie: you were shoved out of the race via under-handed methods from the DNC and Clinton – if you really cared about the American public, you should have fought back harder when you had your shot.

Instead, you just rolled over to Crooked Hillary’s money machine! Therefore, your critiques are as empty as your head!