Biden Ignores Concealed Carrier Saving Church Parishioners In 2020 Gun Control Push

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Just days after the new year began, Joe Biden has already taken to Twitter with a plea to voters: Make 2020 the year of gun control.

Biden retweeted an Associated Press story that showed elevated rates of mass killings in the U.S. for 2019. The list did not only include firearm-related murders, though – it also included killings done by axes, knives, and other weapons:

Biden still used this contradictory article as a call for gun control despite the blatantly false content.

Biden’s fury against firearms comes just days after a local man shot and killed a gunman attempting to slaughter church-goers in Texas.

In September, Biden said this about a law allowing armed parishioners in Texas churches:

“It’s irrational, with all due respect to the governor of Texas, it’s irrational what they’re doing.”

A Presidential hopeful calling a law that saved countless lives “irrational” is not a good look. Joe, however, hasn’t looked good since long before his “irrational” run for the Presidency.

To call for gun reform after the incident in Texas is wholly out-of-touch and oblivious. The only proven defense against a maniac with a gun is to have a gun yourself – which is something liberals balk to admit.

If Donald Trump doesn’t reclaim the White House, 2020 will lead to 2021 – and a Democrat who will jam through any gun control measures possible.