Mockery In Great Britain – Criminals Claim Racism After Assaulting Civil Officer, Receive No Punishment For Storming Private Property

Back in January, a magistrate in Norwich, United Kingdom who defended his family and home against an armed gang who stormed his property was arrested and is now being accused of racially aggravated assault.

Nigel Stringer was reportedly enjoying a Sunday afternoon with his wife and three children – aged 26, 24, and 22 – when three cars pulled up at his property gates and a group of men climbed into his land.

Dialing emergency services, Stringer told the operator his home was under attack and that he could see “at least three men running between the trees” and “one had a weapon which looked like a crossbow” while the others were armed with steel bars.

When a fourth man, who appeared to have a handgun, started to hit their glass front door, Stringer said he had to act. He grabbed a hockey stick and confronted the intruder.

Fearlessly, he went outside and began shouting for the men to leave and that the police were en route. Stringer said of his defense:

I used my hands and the stick to push him away from the house. He kept punching and kicking me. I was by that time bruised, bleeding and utterly exhausted.

Stringer detailed that four other men on the other side of his hedges were urging their companion on, exclaiming phrases like “Go on, my n*****, slog him”. Stringer – exhausted and terrified – allegedly threw their own words back at them, yelling “If you n***** come into my garden, I will fucking hit you” with the hockey stick.

A knife recovered by Stringer after the armed gang sieged his property.

Stringer said he “merely flung their own words back at them” and that he wasn’t a racist.

The other men retreated to their cars by the gate and the remaining intruder phoned emergency services himself, saying he had been attacked by two men – Stringer and his son – and suffered numerous injuries and had been racially abused.

When police arrived, officers arrested Stringer and his son on suspicion of a racially aggravated attack. Police questioned the men at the gate but none were arrested.

Stringer said police were uninterested in the injuries he suffered and told him the gang had entered his property as “civil trespassers” and had “done nothing wrong”. Stringer later discovered a discarded steel bar and three knives.

Stringer was informed within weeks that police had closed the file about the incident.

Stringer has had to resign as a Norwich magistrate because he wouldn’t have been able to launch a private prosecution while on the bench. Stringer warned:

This should be a warning to all homeowners that not only are the police unable to protect us, they will actually arrest innocent homeowners who protect themselves, even against an armed and dangerous gang.

Amazingly, a Norfolk police spokesman said a file had been submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service and that Mr. Stringer “remains under investigation” for his charge of racially aggravated assault.

This incident is a stunning testament to the state of Great Britain and the United Kingdomall trespassers or criminals have to do is call emergency services before police arrive and claim they were attacked and racially abused and authorities will automatically assume them as the victim and any other person involved in any altercation as the aggressor. Stringer, after being beaten and bruised, was taken in for questioning after armed men climbed his gate; while none of the actual aggressors were even arrested and were let free.

Law-abiding homeowners in Europe are officially under target by any lawbreaker so long as they claim racism. Furthermore, notice in this incident Stringer – again, a law-abiding citizen – had only a hockey stick to defend himself with whilst the criminals had a handgun, knives, and steel bars.