The CNN Town Hall Only Demonized The NRA Whilst Ignoring The Systemic Failure That Could Have Prevented The Parkland Shooting

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Last week, CNN hosted a town hall with the survivors of the Parkland, Florida school shooting.

Sheriff Israel and Dana Loesch.

Among the attendees of the town hall were Senators Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson, Rep. Ted Deutch, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, and NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch.

In particular, we’ll focus on the segment featuring both Israel and Loesch fielding questions from the audience.

After Emma Gonzalez, a senior at Stoneman Douglas High, asked whether or not Loesch believes “that it should be harder to obtain the semi-automatic weapons and the modifications for these weapons to make them fully automatic“, Loesch confirmed she agrees with common sense:

I don’t believe that this insane monster should have ever been able to obtain a firearm, ever. I do not think that he should have gotten his hands on any kind of weapon…

However, after exposing an uncomfortable truth found within our system, the audience shouted her down:

It is not federal law for states to report convictions to the NICS system. It’s not federally mandated. That’s the big question and I wish that this network had also covered this more, as other media networks would have covered it.

Throughout the night, Loesch pointed out the numerous inconsistencies with our system:

How was he [the Parkland shooter] able to pass a background check? He was able to pass a background check because we have a system that’s flawed. The Southerland Springs murderer was able to pass a background check because the Air Force did not report that record.

No matter how hard Loesch hammered the point, she was ignored and instead forced to constantly be on the defensive.

…We have to develop better protocol to follow up on red flags. This monster carrying bullets to school, carrying knifes to school, assaulting students, assaulting his parents, 39 visits in the past year.

Instead of discussing any of Loesch’s suggestions, the audience instead saw it better to shout her down when she made valid points. The questions directed toward Loesch only demanded her stances on nothing-issues for reactionary politics… not for any actual progress.

Loesch, offering solutions, was instead only lambasted and unfairly accosted.

LOESCH: I want to make a couple — one point. This is the eighth tragedy, the eighth tragedy where we have seen numerous tips that have been reported and red flagged — I mean — are we talking about prevention or not? I mean I think it’s incredibly important —


It seems the entire crux of the town hall culminated with Loesch’s portion, vilifying and demonizing the NRA on a national stage. The audience booed and shouted down Loesch at multiple points throughout the night instead of even attempting to listen to her. Instead of any actual discussion of change or solution, everyone – save for Loesch – seemed content on wallowing in the cesspool that is supercharged, polarizing, identity politics for the entire town hall.

(Editor’s note: As we pointed out earlier this week, security was forced to escort Loesch and her husband Chris from the stage after the crowd became violent and approached her in a menacing manner.)

With where we’re at, after the recent spate of mass shootings, the inability to even discuss solutions to this terrible problem is a shame.

It’s an even bigger shame that most can find justification within themselves to place the blame on the NRA when it’s now been revealed that Broward’s Sheriff Israel knew of the 3 deputies that never entered the school during the shooting before he spoke at the town hallIsrael made it clear, however, that the actions of the deputies were not his responsibility – as ridiculous as that may sound, he believes the buck does not stop with him.

CNN made sure that Loesch’s appearance on their town hall would be set up to demonize and make an easy enemy of the NRA – and, overwhelmingly, it’s been a success.

No matter what is said about the NRA, at least they aren’t using the children survivors of a less than two-week old school shooting as political pawns as the Mainstream Media is. Furthermore, lest we forget, an NRA instructor cut short the murderous rampage of a shooter that opened fired in a Sutherland Springs, Texas church last November.