#CNNBlackmail Reporter, Andrew Kaczynski, Has A History of Doxxing

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CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski, the reporter who drew the collective ire of the Internet after threatening to dox the alleged (that’s right – they didn’t even bother to confirm it) creator of the gif heard ’round the world has a history of doxxing.

Purportedly – according to Fraud News Network (or CNN) – Reddit user, “HanAssholeSolo” posted the WWE Trump/CNN gif to The_Donald subreddit. Therefore, because he spread this heinous and destestable gif; doxxing him is justifiable. Wait, he apologized and showed remorse for his actions. CNN won’t identify him but “reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.

The definition of blackmail is as follows:

 “The use of threats or the manipulation of someone’s feelings to force them to do something.”

No matter how hard CNN tries to wiggle out of it, their wording and tone is pretty implicit. CNN “reserves the right” to publicly identify someone on the Internet with an opinion or view that differs from theirs. I don’t know about you but I am vehemently and wholly against media corporations decreeing what is and isn’t allowed on the Internet.

CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski penned this piece – or at least, his name is on it; but who knows what that means when we’re dealing with CNN’s particular brand of Fake News and zero standards? In my world, putting my name to an article and sending it out holds me accountable for that reporting. In the world of Fake News, Kaczynski and CNN has claimed that the offending statement (screencapped at the beginning of the article) was added in by editorial or senior staff. It doesn’t matter who “added” it; the statement was published by CNN and attributed to Kaczynski. Period.

Somehow, Kaczynski and CNN staff are surprised they’re being doxxed now. What did they expect threats of blackmail would garner them? Accolades?  Isn’t this just another case of hypocrisy by the mainstream media?

Interestingly, if we take a closer look, it seems like Kaczynski has an affinity for doxxing.

In three separate incidents, Kaczynski can be found identifying someone in an attempt to ruin their lives or career. In 2013, John Nolte wrote about Kaczynski siccing his 100K+ followers on a NY-based communications director who penned an offensive tweet and subsequently had her life destroyed and ended up fired from her job. May of 2017, Kaczynski wrote an article on Sheriff David Clarke; attempting to expose any frivolities in a bid to ruin his career and reputation. This week, Milo exposed the time Kaczynski erroneously identified the person behind the Boston Bombings to his then 81K followers. It cannot be understated, the wrongly identified Sunil Tripathi ended up killing himself and proven innocent of the false accusation. How Kaczynski can look himself in the mirror every morning, let alone act as if he has any integrity or right reporting news is completely beyond me.

Therefore, Kaczynski so brazenly attached his name to a smug, thinly-veiled threat of identification because it’s normal to himThat is the sad, unspoken reality behind this entire messy ordeal.

Thus, CNN and its reporters are completely devoid of ethics or integrity and people are keen to it. Re-runs of Yogi Bear outdid your Fake News network, Jeff Zucker – how does it feel?