CNN’s Kate Bolduan Screams At Former Navy SEAL After He Dares To Question ‘Anonymous Sources’

Earlier this week, CNN had former Navy Seal, Carl Higbie on-air to discuss the bogus claim that President Trump shared classified info with Russian Ambassadors.

Of course, it got ugly – and quick.

Higbie starts off by saying he’s “sat very quietly listening to all this BS” and launches into a well-deserved tirade against Bolduan and her panelists. “Have you listened to anything McMaster said today?” Higbie asks, referencing multiple reports of McMaster refuting Trump sharing classified intel.

Higbie goes on to point out that “two former officials” confirmed the main points of CNN’s unverified story. “Tell you what, come out; name those people – then we’ll have something to talk about.”

At this point, Bolduan attempts to lay a smack-down:

“One, we protect sources. Two, it’s not just CNN – it’s Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN, ABC, NBC!”

Wait, so, it’s not just CNN using bogus, unverifiable sources? It’s the same MSM outlets that were caught colluding with the Clinton campaign therefore void of any integrity? Clearly, Bolduan – you gotta do a better job of convincing us than that. Legacy media has proven time and time again they’re willing to degrade and debase ethics in order to push their narrative.

After Higbie rightfully posits these fake stories only get pushed because the sources are “hiding behind anonymity” and immune from fact-based journalism, Bolduan explodes.

“Oh, PUH-LEASEPUH-LEASE – do not even start with me that you’re just going to attack sources, that is ridiculous!”

Really? It’s ridiculous? Bolduan, you are not allowed to front as if CNN has any credibility left. In a frenzied whirl, unverified stories have come one after the other, attacking and de-legitimizing the democratically-elected President of the United States!

Bolduan continues: “Do not attack the stellar reporters of CNN…”

The same “stellar” journalists that pushed fake news twice on Inauguration Day? The same journalists known for and called out by the President himself as “very fake news”? Whew, you’re right, Kate, that is some hard-hitting stuff! Excuse my skepticism!

If anything, it’s only more proof of your lack of ethics not of stellar reporting.

Higbie stands his ground: “If they stand behind this story, come out and face the cameras.” To which, Bolduan smugly responds, “We protect anonymous sources – for real reasons!”

“For real reasons”? Is it truly that risky of a business to report negative, anti-Trump stories when everyone is doing it? I’d say going against the incessant, rabid current of anti-Trump hysteria is a bit more turbulent but what do I know? I don’t work for CNN! Evan, can we get a fact-check for my claim – on the fly?

“So Watergate was all a lie because it was anonymous sources?” another panelist asks. Higbie, not entirely believing the stupidity he’s hearing, I’m sure, bemusedly exclaims “There was a trial!”. Conversely, CNN seems fine with being judge and jury on President Trump.

“You’re embarrassing yourself,” another panelist smugly claims. However, after that panelist launches into a tired, boring rant about Russia, I’d say he looks more like a fool considering that even Reuters now admits that Trump-Russia has no proof behind it. So, where are we at now? Maxine Waters, Diane Feinstein, James Clapper – among other notable anti-Trumpers – have all admitted there is no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia! Reuters admits it, yet deranged leftists still parrot and cling to it. Talk about fake news!

Bolduan had absolutely no right to scream and point her finger in Higbie’s face. She completely disrespected him and made CNN a further affront to actual journalism – if that’s even possible. Differing opinions aren’t meant to be screamed at but I guess when you work at CNN, you have no other choice.

Higbie says it best at the end of the video: “I think this is a complete witch hunt”.

The mainstream media and our corrupt, crony politicians are all attempting to ensnare President Trump and topple his administration at bequest of the Establishment.

Newsflash, Fake News Media: the American citizens waking up to the rampant bias of the mainstream media aren’t going anywhere; President Trump isn’t going anywhere!

Remember, your side faced an embarrassing defeat November 8 – so stop talking like you have any reputation left!