Comey Writes Statement Exonerating Crooked Hillary Months Before Interviewing Her On E-mail Investigation

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Even after their short-lived relevance has long faded, James Comey and Hillary Clinton still find themselves in the headlines…

A recent bombshell, reported by the Daily Caller, reveals that James Comey – as FBI Director at the time – began drafting a statement exonerating Hillary Clinton before any witnesses had even been interviewed for the investigation. Transcripts of a meeting last fall between two FBI officials and James Comey indicate that an announcement clearing Clinton was written in April or May of last year. Clinton wasn’t interviewed by the FBI until July.

Such blatant corruption, coming from a weasel like James Comey, isn’t surprising. What is surprising, though, is the lack of justice thus far.

The FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton was a sham mired in scandal and controversy. Remember just months before the election when Bill Clinton met with then Attorney General, Loretta Lynch to talk about topics like “golf” and “grandchildren”? Or the time when Hillary Clinton’s former computer specialist, Paul Combetta, was granted immunity after being the one to supposedly delete Clinton’s 33,000 e-mails despite orders from Congress to preserve them? Not to mention, Comey himself was connected to the Clinton Foundation, having been on board at HSBC Holdings, a bank that took millions of dollars from the Foundation. Comey has even been exposed perjuring himself on video during one of his meetings with the FBI Oversight Committee… Under oath, Comey postulated:

“All I can do is tell you again, the decision [to clear Clinton] was made after that [Clinton’s interview with the FBI]…”

When even an obvious fall guy like Combetta gets immunity (along with others), it makes you wonder if justice was ever actually a possibility pertaining to Crooked Hillary’s e-mail investigation. The answer, of course, is a resounding NO.  Even back at the beginning of 2016, in February, Clinton said that she was 100% confident” that the FBI would find no evidence of wrongdoing in her use of a personal home e-mail server she stored in her bathroom closet. She was 100% confident only because she knew the FBI Director was in her pocket and could make her problems literally vanish

…One thing is for sure, they don’t call her CROOKED Hillary Clinton for nothing!

This month, Hillary is slated to hit the road on a tour across the U.S. and Canada to promote her new, tell-all book on the 2016 election, “What Happened“. And for only $2,375.95, you can snag a “VIP platinum ticket” for one of her talks! That price includes two front-row seats, a photo with Clinton backstage, and a signed book. As pointed out by Alex Pappas of Fox News:

General admission tickets to Clinton’s events are offered, too, for a lower price than the VIP versions. In Toronto, all the $70.49 (or $89 in Canadian currency) tickets for Clinton’s lecture already have sold out.

Ticket prices for Clinton’s events vary, depending on the location. In Broward, Fla., they range from $50 to $375 a ticket for an Oct. 3 appearance.

For Clinton’s Nov. 1 event in New York, VIP tickets are going for $750.

On the campaign trail, Clinton lamely asserted that she was just like us, and would fight for average citizens as President but if she’s price-gouging admission to her own event, she’s screwing over the only people willing to pay for it: her delusional fans! I’m not attempting to shine any light on the victims being created here but simply the lack of ethics and integrity Clinton still showcases today. Such hypocrisy is standard, though, due to Clinton’s countless transgressions of morals and ethics – and she’s given a free pass from it. Contrast Clinton’s price-gouging to Trump donating $1M of his personal money to Hurricane Harvey relief and toxic leftists will ask why Trump didn’t give more.

Just as it’s happened with our law and order, it appears our ever-wealthy elite – notably Clinton – are also free of any consequences from their actions or words. Seemingly, the corrupt will skate from justice forever, too big to jail or punish; simply because they own the entire system – inside and out.

President Trump: don’t just drain the swamp; fill it with gasoline and torch it, it’s the only way you’d ever eradicate all of the scum inside…