You Deserve This, So Make It About You, Not Them

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We did it, and you helped us do it.  Together, we have stood up to the establishment machine, and we won.  And we won decisively.

There is no questioning it, because the win was so strong – states that were expected to vote blue (notably Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin) came up red.  Together, we have won a great victory; we came out in record numbers, exercised our right to vote, and made the difference necessary to win after so many years of losing.  Our leaders’ inability to serve anyone but themselves led to the rise of another, but different rich elite business mogul, but so thoroughly despised by them that they would do anything and everything to prevent him from grasping control from their criminal hands.  He did not win because he is a man, or a racist, sexist, misogynist… and she did not lose because she is a woman, standing up for the rights of the underprivileged, or concerned about the overall well-being of this nation.  He won because he is not just another crooked, for sale politician trying to take our dignity from our own hands, and because he was able to demonstrate that fact to this country like no politician running for high office has ever done.

As an American, you were born with the right to vote, but as a Trump voter, after yesterday, you earned and deserve the right to be proud of yourself. 

And if you have logged into Facebook/Twitter/any other social media platform, you can undeniably hear the tears and screams of defeat; of sadness, denial, anger, and rage at those who would “dare” to vote for Trump.  And they are vilifying you, the voter, even moreso than they are vilifying the President-elect.  And I know how tempting it is to respond to them, to chime in with your two cents, to tell them that you didn’t vote for a racist misogynist womanizer, but that you voted for change from an establishment and its leaders, who only seek to serve themselves, and not the people who elect them.  But, I will implore you…

Do not do it.  Do not give in to the temptation to engage them.  Instead, make this moment about you, not them.  

They will more than likely never agree with you, see who and what you voted for, or the truth behind the movement that swept Trump to his victory.  If they do, it is not something that will happen overnight, and certainly will take time and success from your platform, given the divisive nature of Trump.  Your family members/friends/acquaintances on social media will only become more entrenched in the next few days, and it will only lead to bitter arguments that will lead you to nowhere but broken relationships, whether they are with people close to you or not.  You might not care for all of them, but a lot of them are the people that are closest to you.  They are worth far more to you than two politicians, who almost certainly don’t know you personally, never will, and will never care to anyway.


I know, you will want to take to social media, to say your piece and show the truth to the world, and to put the crybabies in their place.  If you were going to do it, you probably already said or posted something.  Good for you, you deserved the chance to do so.  Say your piece, and try not to engage the haters, if you can avoid it.

Unavoidable, you say?  Understandable.  It is in your face, everywhere you turn, and it often feels like there’s no escaping the criticism of your vote.  If you can’t help yourself, and really feel the need to take the bull by the horns, maybe try a different way of doing so.  When you engage with someone, don’t make it about you, or them – make it about everyone who let them down.  Implore those closest to you, as well as yourself, to hold celebrities, newspapers, and all of those in media responsible for the calls they made, and the things they said they would do. 

And what better place to start, than with the lying, misleading, hypocritical MSM rags that led so many to believe a Clinton win was a foregone conclusion?!?


Stick it to the mouthpieces of the elites who supported Hillary – the MSM and the celebrities “with her”.  Tell your friends who got it wrong and let them down.  Have them find their own independent outlets to consume news from (this website included!).  This will hit these outlets where it hurts most – their bottom line.  This election has shown everyone one thing – that these media propagandists are corrupt to the core and not worth the paper they are printed on.  Now its your turn to direct the anger of Hillary supporters to them, not yourself.

What about the celebrities?  That is the best part!  How many of them said they’d move out of the country if Trump got elected?  If you think about it, even though I wrote a very well read article detailing the real reasons why people vote for Trump, I still forgot to mention one of the best reasons to vote for him – because of the sheer number of hypocritical, virtue signaling celebrities that said they would move out of the USA if Trump won.  No one can do a better job of taking down Lena Dunham than Ann Sterzinger did, and Amy Schumer is not only unfunny, she is offensive and crude to her own audience for daring to have a differing political view than she does… not to mention she is a shameless gun-grabbing asshole, seizing on tragedy with her equally shameless NY Senator uncle to push for more gun control.  Plenty of Hillary supporters will find solace in the fact that these two can now be held to their own proclamations, and you can unite them behind a mutual desire to say the following to them, in proper Trumpian fashion:

Honestly, it would probably feel as good or better than Ari Gold did in that moment, if we could say the exact same thing right to Lena Dunham and/or Amy Schumer’s face.  Hold these two to their word, tell them to pack their bags, and get the fuck OUT of the USA. 

Yes, as I so aptly demonstrated just now, it does feel good to be proud of yourself and gloat a little.  Just try to find some common ground with your friends while you do so, and don’t burn bridges over this election.  The time is now to show everyone that we are NOT the racist, misogynist, sexist “deplorables” that Trump supporters are constantly being denigrated as.