Doctor Strange Star, Zara Phythian Charged Alongside Her Husband Of Sex With 13-Year-Old Girl

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Doctor Strange actress, Zara Phythian, who starred with Benedict Cumberbatch in the 2016 movie, was convicted alongside her husband of having sex with a 13-year-old girl multiple times over a three year span.

During trial, it was detailed that the underage victim was given rum and then asked by Zara if she wanted to play “dare”. In front of the child, Zara gave her husband, Victor, oral sex and “dared” the victim to try doing it.

The underage victim joined in, explaining to the court that she didn’t know how to react. The teen alleged this sort of interaction happened repeatedly and she was told not to tell anyone or say anything.

The court was also told that the child felt as if she was being “coached” by Zara to get better at the sexual activity. Giving an estimation, the child said Victor had sex with her about 20 times between 2005 to 2008.

Phythian denied any wrongdoing and was teary-eyed in court as the verdict of guilty was delivered.

Prosecutor Nicole Hepburn said the case was especially heinous because the couple “denied their actions, instead blaming the victims and accusing them of lying”. 

Hepburn and Nottinghamshire Police Constable, Paula Wilson said the extraordinary bravery of the victim’s testimony exposed Zara and her husband as the true manipulators they are. The couple are set to be sentenced on May 16.

Time and time again, the entertainment industry and pedophilia intersect at alarming occasions. Even Nickelodeon, something as child-oriented as cartoons and television programming was used to prey on child victims by power-grubbing pedophiles, just like Pythian and her husband misused their platform…

As always, absolute power absolutely corrupts.