Everything “Progressives” Stand for is the Opposite of Actual Societal Progress

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As the dust settled following the recent rally riot in Virginia, the flames continued burning on the internet long after the streets were cleared. Even on a subject that seems relatively agreeable in that everyone involved probably deserved a good punch, a greater issue arose that was reminiscent of so many arguments past: leftists using the event as an opportunity to make a blanket statement that all Trump supporters fit the bill of these pathetic racist morons.

It’s been a battle that Trump supporters have fought since day one, and things have not seemed to change at all. But does the issue lie with the Trump supporters, or with those who have grown so comfortable accusing these people of something so awful?

For the past decade or so, and on a broader scale the past half century, those on the left have dominated political discourse, not necessarily by having superior ideology, but by drowning out any semblance of intelligent discussion by playing the emotional game and shouting louder than any disagreement ever could.

We’ve seen this with abortion, climate change, transgender issues, race relations, and virtually every subject that has ever been the center of political discussion. The strategy even extends to their nomenclature: Namely, calling themselves “progressives”. Let’s take a look at some of the lengthy strides the “Progressives” have made in the name of advancing society.

We now have segregated dorms, to ensure that black students can keep to themselves and can remain insulated from any disturbance from their white counterparts. The idea has now spread from California throughout the nation, now with political leaders throwing their own weight behind the idea. One North Carolina state Representative has even pitched a separate dorm specifically for “women of color”.

We’ve also spent the past three years fighting over what to call an international terrorism threat rather than committing resources to fight against it, all thanks to the Progressives complaining about potentially hurting their feelings. All the while, the threat of ISIS and related groups thrived and proliferated with little to no intervention.

Of course, making empty arguments instead of actually working on issues that matter is nothing new to these people. After all, these are the same people who organized a two day long protest march for women to protest for rights that they already have, while wearing giant vagina costumes, naturally.

In fact, in their effort to preserve Planned Parenthood with their donations, they effectively proved that it actually can operate purely on donations with no federal funding after all.

It’s become clear that the primary strategy is that it is more important to be louder than it is to be convincing. It has become absolutely taboo to even challenge or ask a question that might be contrary to the accepted “truth”. Probably the most prominent example of this is in the climate change issue. Anyone who so much as raises a question about some of the commonly shared talking points is not met with answers, but accusations of being “anti science” and a “climate denier”, whatever that is.

Supporters of President Trump have become all too familiar with this principle, where raising points about America’s immigration policy has gotten them blankedly called racists instead of spawning a genuine discussion.

These facts raise the larger point that these so called “progressives” who are so concerned with “science”, are in fact hindering the progress of society. By halting open discourse, or worse, reversing positive steps made by previous generations, the self proclaimed crusaders of “progress” have in fact become quite the opposite. The time and resources wasted arguing about what to call terrorists and what bathrooms people should be using has taken away from issues that are actually important to the world, not to mention to their own party, like health care and what to do with climbing college tuitions.

And that’s just the way they like it. The strategy of the party appears to be that they’ve conceded all the issues and instead only care to divide everyone up into subsets and go after their emotions in order to win their votes. It’s worked in the reactionary parts of the country like California and New England, but for the rest of the country it has lost the faith of many voters who ordinarily don’t have much in common with the Republican party.

It appears that there is no end in sight for the virtue signaling identity politics, and time will only tell what new bizarre stances the far left will take.