FUROR IN GERMANY: Short Sentences For Migrants Who GANG RAPED 13-Year-Old

Outrage has sparked across Germany after lenient sentences (as little as a year and eight months, suspended) were given to a migrant gang that took turns raping a 13-year-old girl.

Eight migrants, aged 14 to 17 who held Bulgarian citizenship – raped the victim at a swimming pool in Velbert, Germany and dragged her into the woods as she made her way home, as reported by Der Speigel

Two of the six migrants took turns sexually assaulting the teen while the others watched, with at least one of them filming the incident on a cell phone.

The migrants then took her to a parking lot several hundred yards away from the wooded area – and the same two gang members raped her again. As they took her back into the woods, they were interrupted by another citizen in the area.

The young victim was forced to testify on the incident in court after one of the main defendants denied the act and claimed that the sex was consensual, according to a court spokesman. The claim was dismissed as ridiculous by the judge after he said it was outrageous such a young girl would want to have intercourse with so many men.

A similar case in Sweden bears similarity to the disgusting assault in Germany, with a group of migrant men livestreaming the rape of a young woman, with the cameraman receiving only six months for his role in the crime. His lawyer claimed that the migrant did not understand that his actions constituted as a criminal offense.

The Swedish authorities did not pursue deportation proceedings against those involved.

Half of the group that raped their thirteen-year-old victim in Germany received suspended sentences, effectively being allowed to walk free from court.

Their accomplices received sentences of four years although prosecutors asked that they should receive up to eight years for their actions. Their sentences of four years were half of what they should have gotten, an extremely merciful charge for such a soulless, unacceptable offense.

The 13-year-old victim has been described as “withdrawn inside herself” and “only going outside with company”; and for good reason – seeing as how the courts barely punished the perpetrators of her traumatic assault.

Mincing no words: if a society does not protect its youth and children, it deserves to fall and burn to cinder with the ashes of its former country blown astray into the wind.

However, this abhorrent precedent isn’t exactly new across Europe.

Numerous rape gangs have infiltrated small towns and villages across the United Kingdom, with the youth of the communities abused and manipulated in tragic ways. Overwhelmingly, the outcome of these incidents follow a similar fashion to the verdict of this situation – with sexual deviants incompatible with Westernized societies allowed to walk free and continue their disgusting and inexcusable practices across the United Kingdom and Europe.