Headed to November – How to Keep Pressure on Anti-Gun Democrats

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With midterm elections looming, Democrats seem hopeful about regaining seats in the House and recovering the majority in the Senate. However, critics have some solid doubts.

The 2018 Democratic Party in the United States of America is the “anti” party – anti-Trump, anti-business, anti-tax cuts… and anti-gun.

The other platform component is heavy-handed identity politics. They guilt supporters into buying the anti platform (and related ideologies) wholesale, squashing diverse opinion, debate, and individuality.

One can expect a party implosion come election time. However, those who would oust the current liberty-limiting politicians should seize the opportunity for action, and show that knowing the difference between fear-based policy and honest change is crucial.

The Midterm issue is gun control, and (bear with me here) men with guns are crucial to the defense of the Constitution and liberty. If more women had guns, especially stylish, business-type moms, and didn’t get shunned for defending their rights, they would be unstoppable against gun-grabbing agendas. It is unfathomable how any feminist could oppose gun rights, especially concealed carry, when guns are the great equalizer.

And this is relevant because the Democratic Party has painted a picture of the 2018 feminist, and they are some of the most anti-gun activists around. Smart women who own guns, not getting interrupted constantly on TV news, could obliterate identity politics. They could destroy the narrative that features only theSarahs Palin and Sanders, as sponsored by Cabela’s.

Since that shift is a distant dream in the political arena of shouting matches, men with guns will have to get the job done this election cycle.  Here’s why men with guns can defy Democrats to protect liberty in November and beyond:

Democrats don’t know where they stand.

The rhetoric screams, “No guns! At all!” Conversations with Democrats say, “Don’t try to discredit our views by taking them to extremes!”

There are more gun owners in the United States than Republicans (an estimated 33% of Americans own guns, and a Gallup poll demonstrated that 24% of Americans identified as Republicans). Statistically, some Democrats own guns. They probably do not want their guns confiscated any more than Republican or Independent gun owners do.

Furthermore, accept the silver lining in frustration at Mainstream Media (MSM). They are demonstrably hypocritical, unreliable, and ridiculous, and America is noticing. Instead of stating known facts, most networks are exploiting a semi-captive audience to push causes. Even if they agree with the teenage pundits or qualified anchors, Americans are finally leery of who paid for the “news.” Liberal media is shooting itself in the foot with the gun it wants banned.

Pictured – Former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords With An AR-15

As Democrats campaign with the anti-Trump centerpiece, there is little time to unify behind proposed legislation for “common-sense gun control.” They drive themselves to extreme, absolutist messaging. The party of “anti” can’t unify, and a house divided cannot stand. An extreme-looking anti-gun group won’t keep the support of gun owners.

Gun-supporting men get heard.

As 80% of the legislature, men have the microphone often in the House and Senate. And Republicans have the majority. Pro-gun politicians are postured to their thought processes on the facts. They must refuse to engage in anti-gun balderdash or debates that aren’t founded on equal respect.

Political talk shows featuring gun supporters should use the Democratic Party’s nonsensical messaging to convert confused voters. Instead of talking down anti-gunners, they should explain all their personal reasons for being pro-gun and the vast regulations already in place on guns in the United States, combat fake news, and teach people what an “assault weapon” isn’t (anything concrete at all, namely). Pundits should showcase the weapons safety training hours that most gun owners undertake before they ever fire a weapon.

Without question, gun owners could (and should) be doing better at defending their position.

People who own guns have more debate fuel than anti-gunners.

Democrats demand the ban of the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad “assault weapon” without knowing technicalities. Whether willful ignorance or a strategy of emotional exploitation, it’s a weak foundation to debate. Gun owners have an enormous leg up with facts, a Constitution, and a logical response to every grief-based Left claim.

AR-15’s are excellent choices for home defense. Contrary to popular belief, .223 rounds tend not to over-penetrate, and are ideal for reducing collateral damage. In fact, an AR-15 finally made the news lately for a DGU when homeowners fought off burglars.

Many TV shows and movies portray accidental shootings where a character fires a weapon merely by brushing the trigger. Either the threshold for comedy is low, or Hollywood has never touched a real gun. Gun owners know that many missteps go into the accidental discharge of a weapon, and how to avoid them habitually.

Gun owners also know not only safety, but also safeties – those switches that prevent a firearm from being discharged until the user engages the trigger. Practitioners of proper gun safety should not be thrown under the legislative bus, as those whose negligence results in accidental discharges (or worse) can already be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Gun owners know that gun education is so much more than target practice. They learn proper precaution for owning a weapon and carrying it, how to draw and re-holster their weapon, and effective self-defense (like shooting center-mass and protecting others). Furthermore, shooters gain confidence knowing they can stop criminals from attacking innocent people. Practice breeds belief in oneself, and therefore the capability to act under duress.

Finally, gun owners know gun laws. They know that assault weapons bans don’t work, and what questions they answered on their concealed carry application. They keep tabs on legislative moves so that they don’t inadvertently become illegal gunmen. Democrats complain about under-regulation without a clue of what regulations exist.

As a majority force, gun supporters can lead the charge for long-lasting liberty against oppressive gun control demands. The Democratic Party is the “anti” party, and firearms are the November centerpiece.

With mobilization and education, gun owners should defeat anti-gun agendas and candidates as a priority.