Hell Hath No Fury Like President Trump Scorned

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Saturday morning, President Trump launched a multi-tweet firestorm spanning ten tweets.

Though the topics of his ire wildly varied, one thing is apparent: Slowly, President Trump is switching to be on the offensive; as opposed to being on the attack. Interestingly, this is the closest thing to the fabled “pivot” (as mainstream media frothed at the mouth over back when he was on the campaign trail) I’ve seen Trump enact.

In an attempt to amp up the focus on his agenda, he called for his Senators to “step up to the plate” to “repeal and replace” Obamacare. After that was accomplished, he called for tax reform and updating infrastructure.

President Trump hit on the loser, obstructionist Democrats (as usual):

ObamaCare is dead and the Democrats are obstructionists, no ideas or votes, only obstruction. It is solely up to the 52 Republican Senators!

More of the standard fare from the President’s Twitter, right?

Healthcare, failing fake news, terrorism… Certainly nothing we haven’t heard before. However, sandwiched between the more typical tweets is the evidence behind the aforementioned “pivot”…

“Amazon Washington Post”

The President’s choice of words is interesting here. Whilst hitting on WaPo, he also tied Amazon – both of which are owned by Jeff Bezos – to the Fake News outlet. Without a doubt, Trump is one of the most powerful men on the planet; to name the biggest and rising corporations in reference to a failing and detestable newspaper takes guts and lots of brash.

He very easily could have gone with “Washington Post” but added “Amazon” to the front of the news outlet’s name. In a very obvious and pronounced way, he’s directing attention to Amazon. Plainly, being on the President’s shit-list is something you’d want to avoid – especially after seeing his warpath leading up to winning the White House.

Potentially, President Trump could be signaling something to us – perhaps a boycott (although pulling one off on mega-retailer Amazon would be near impossible) or just pointing our attention to a globalist power-player. Who knows? One thing is for sure: he didn’t have to add “Amazon” to WaPo’s name; that much was intentional.

The “33,000 e-mails” and Clinton’s Russian connections

President Trump focused attention on the double-standards of the Fake News media. He contrasted Donald Trump Jr.’s scandalous meeting with a Russian lawyer in an attempt to get dirt on Hillary Clinton to Clinton’s own deletion and acid washing of her (still MIA) 33,000 e-mails.

He further hit on Clinton and her stooge, Podesta. John Podesta’s financial and business dealings greatly involve and stake in Russia. As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton profited off a lucrative deal, selling a large chunk of U.S. uranium to Russia. Hillary Clinton’s grand vision for Russian relations were she to become President? A big, red Russian Reset “button”. That’s right, her best idea was to forget about all the growing, evolving tensions between Putin and the U.S. and start over… because it’s really that easy, right?

Clinton’s ties with Russia don’t end there, though. As Hillary sided with Russian sanctions, Bill Clinton gave a downright priceless speech in Moscow. The former (and only impeached) President made $500G off of Russia, yet liberals and leftists don’t seethe and scream collusion or demand investigations in this case.

More and more, the total double-standard and two-faced nature of leftists inspires awe. A little self-awareness and even a half-assed attempt to champion the high standards they preach would go a long way with Democrats. Instead of having a platform or being a voice for the people; the Democratic party, leftists, and liberals descend further into madness and solely hoist being “anti-Trump” as their soapbox.

“Complete power to pardon”

President Trump also brought up that he is the only one with complete power to pardon. Though most mainstream media outlets are spinning it as a hypothetical that Trump could pardon his relatives, aides – even himself – from the non-existent, impeachable occurrences Russian collusion; I view it differently. When Trump merely mentions Presidential pardons, you can hear Hillary, Obama, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, et al start to sweat. 

President Trump is the only one with power to pardon, no matter how badly Obama wants to continue to be President. Trump is the only one who can grant you immunity, and after what they did, Hillary and Obama and their band of goons are right to be sweating.

After all… let’s not forget this exchange in the second Presidential debate:

“So many people are asking…”

First things first, Trump misspelled “counsel” as “council” so add another 10K+ eyes and impressions on this tweet. As proven with the “covfefe” debacle, the Fake News media and dimwitted denizens of social media will boost and propel any Trump tweet with a misspelled word. The President realizes that, therefore he uses it to his advantage.

This tweet would certainly be a message he would want to get out and for people to get fired up over. “So many people are asking” why isn’t the A.G. or Special Counsel doing anything? We’ve all seen the rampant, blatant corruption from the Democrats since the 2016 election started – so when is the hammer going to strike down?

Perhaps Trump is distancing himself from his A.G. and Department of Justice before the hammer strikes down?

Trump has been very vocal about his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, recently. He even went so far to say that if he had known Sessions would recuse himself from the Russia investigation surrounding him, he would have never even hired him in the first place… could this be the calm before the storm, with Trump trying to stand as far away as possible before Sessions serves justice? Could this be coincidence? Of course.

A Trump scorned is a Trump on the offensive; the Fake News media will find they like this Trump even less.