Hollywood Midterm Endorsements Reveal Dwindling Celebrity Influence

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Ahead of the 2018 Midterm elections, many Hollywood celebrities threw their hat in the ring to back a particular candidate in hopes of boosting their chances of winning their respective races.

For instance, Taylor Swift made headlines last month when she endorsed Democratic Senator Phil Bredesen in Tennessee’s elections

Bredesen, however – even with Swift’s endorsement – lost handily to Republican Marsha Blackburn on election night.

Ominously for the left, Swift’s failure is anything but a one-off case.

Corrupt Democrat Stacey Abrams, who ran for Georgia’s Governorship, was endorsed by a plethora of stars – Oprah, Mark Ruffalo, Michael B. Jordan, and even Will Ferrell. Although she refuses to concede the race, Abrams lost to Republican Brian Kemp – by about 64,000 votes.

A handful of celebrities thought to use their “star power” in a bid to boost Abrams over the finish line but it didn’t go quite as planned.

Even then, the string of spectacular failures doesn’t end there. Andrew Gillum, the Democrat vying for Florida‘s Governor spot was endorsed by Diddy, DJ Khaled, and Tiffany Hadish; Gillum ended up losing and conceding to his Republican opponent.

Beto O’Rourke, who went against Ted Cruz in Texas, was endorsed by Beyoncé, Lebron James, Ellen DeGeneres, Jim Carrey, and Lin-Manuel Mirandaand again, lost by several points in the race.

Ben Jealous, who ran for Governorship of Maryland was even endorsed by acclaimed comedian Dave Chappelle and still ended up losing by a large margin in his race. It goes to show it’s not exactly about the star-power behind any potential endorsement but instead, that people are sick of Hollywood elite telling them how they should act and think.

The Cruz campaign even blasted Beto for his empty endorsements, saying in a statement on October 31st:

We think endorsements from the Texans who lead our state’s communities and represent our state’s values— like the 171 Texas county sheriffs and the Texas Farm Bureau— outweigh that of any Hollywood celebrity or star athlete.

Although the Midterm elections were billed as a referendum against President Trump and his movement, it seems that instead they were a referendum against celebrity endorsements. By and large, every celebrity-endorsed candidate lost their election bid – which should tell the Hollywood elite all they need to know about interjecting their opinions and stances on issues where they don’t belong and attempting to shove their views down unwilling consumer’s throats.

Maybe after their rampant failures concerning their precious Midterm endorsements, Hollywood celebs will realize that they are totally encapsulated in an isolating vacuum – unaware and ignorant of any actual plights ordinary citizens face and therefore inexperienced in telling anyone how they should vote. But then again, with dollar signs improperly clouding their egos and true worth, they will likely continue to endlessly virtue-signal and spew their improperly placed opinions to the cringing masses.