Holocaust Survivor Murdered In Paris – Stabbed 11 Times And Set On Fire; 78% of Europeans Believe Borders Should Be Better Protected

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A photo of a march last Wednesday honoring slain Mireille Knoll in Paris.

Mireille Knoll, an 85-year-old woman who survived the unspeakable atrocities of the Holocaust, was found stabbed to death in her apartment after a fire broke out on March 23. Investigators are treating the murder as an anti-Semitic attack.

The two men arrested for the murder are suspected of killing her merely because she was Jewish, according to a judicial source. One of the suspects was a long-time neighbor of Knoll’s who recently finished a jail sentence for sexual assault.

An official close to the investigation, not authorized to speak publicly about the murder, revealed that the second suspect in the crime – a homeless friend of Knoll’s neighbor – purportedly heard the neighbor say “God is great” in Arabic during the killing. However, the official also said both suspects had given conflicting statements to authorities.

The murder of Knoll highlights an alarming rise of anti-Semitism in France. French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb detailed:

Since the start of the year, no fewer than 33 anti-Semitic acts have been committed. This cancer cannot be allowed to eat away at our nation.

In 2015, vandals desecrated 250 tombstones in a Jewish cemetery in east France just days after four Jews were killed in an attack on a kosher grocery store.

Knoll’s murder comes a year after the killing of Sarah Halimi-Attal, a 65-year-old whose slaughter prosecutors believe was also anti-Semitic. Attal, a retired doctor and schoolteacher, was beaten to death and thrown off her apartment’s balcony.

Notably, Mireille Knoll was murdered just days before Passover, a Jewish festival that commemorates the liberation of Israelites from Egyptian slavery.

An Interior Ministry report published last year detailed that though the number of anti-Semitic threats had decreased in 2017, the number of anti-Semitic violent acts had increased to 97, up from 77 just the year before.

Is it any wonder then, that a massive poll spanning all 28 European Union states has exposed a large concern over immigration?

More than three-quarters of citizens in the EU have said they believe Europe’s external borders should be better protected.

78% of all Europeans believe that illegal immigration into their countries is a “serious problem”. Much anxiety was also expressed in the poll over the idea of African migrants arriving into Europe over the next decade – with 68% saying they either “strongly fear” or “moderately fear” such a concept.

A majority of Europeans also believe that the influx of immigrants into their communities will increase the crime rate and threat of terrorism. 57% of citizens said that the increase of migrants will change the culture of their countries.

Although European leaders aren’t privy to the fact (or willfully ignorant to it), ordinary citizens have beheld the carnage and blood from unfettered immigration into their communities and are having second thoughts.

The culture that refugees and migrants hail from is wholly incompatible with any Western societythe brunt of immigrants are anti-Semitic, anti-freedom, and brutishly violent; perfectly content to use force and savagery to get what they want or deem as theirs. The importing of immigrants en masse to European communities will only intensify the problem – as of now, youth who identify as Muslim sits at 6% in the U.K.; just one point behind youth who identify as Christian or Catholic.

Once European natives and locals are outnumbered by a Muslim majority – what happens then?