How Did An ISIS Terrorist And Violent Career Criminal Get NYC Court Jobs?

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Hoda Muthana, an Alabama resident who left the US for Syria in 2014 to fight for ISIS, has made headlines for her attempt to return to the US.  Muthana is claiming that being born in the US grants her citizenship, while the Trump administration has argued that her father’s status as a Yemeni diplomat voids any claim to citizenship rights:

Shibly said Muthana’s father was a Yemeni diplomat to the US, but she was born months after he finished that job.

While kids born in the US are typically granted citizenship, babies born to foreign diplomatic officers are exceptions.

Shibly says Muthana has held a valid United States passport. In a tweet after she joined ISIS, she posted a photo of woman’s hands holding a US, UK, Canadian and Australian passports, with the caption, “Bonfire soon, no need for these any more.”

Incidentally enough, it was the Obama administration that initially ruled that Muthana was not a citizen in 2016, revoking her passport and barring return to the country…

…but Muthana is hardly the first US “citizen” turned ISIS terrorist that has tried to return to the country.  In 2014, not only did James Comey’s FBI allow Mohimanul Alam Bhuiya to leave the country after questioning him regarding his online links to ISIS, they allowed him to return later that year…

According to the criminal complaint against Bhuiya, he had been approached on June 5, 2014, by FBI agents who had been monitoring his interactions online and were concerned he might try to leave the U.S. to join ISIS. He later explained that he had been radicalized by a “Muslims in Diaspora” course he had taken at Columbia University.

Exactly a week after the FBI visited him he was allowed to get on a plane to Turkey, where he crossed the border into Syria and joined the terror group.

According to an interview he gave to NBC News, he received indoctrination on Islamic law and military tactics at an ISIS training camp. On his ISIS application found in personnel files later obtained by NBC News, in addition to his personal data, Bhuiya detailed that he had a plan to “break down [i.e. crash] aircraft” that he wanted to present to the terror group.

…at which point Comey’s FBI then assisted Bhuiya in obtaining employment at the US District Attorney’s office in NYC:

In a bizarre twist of fate, reporting from the Wall Street Journal now has confirmed that he’s employed by the U.S District Attorney’s office in Brooklyn. This development leaves many critics of prosecutorial misconduct alarmed, as it would normally be assumed that someone who joined the world’s most dangerous terrorist organization would be blacklisted from sensitive government positions.

It is hardly surprising that Comey’s FBI would be the one to give a traitor a sweetheart deal, but extremely questionable hires finding employment in Brooklyn courtrooms is anything but a surprise.  In 2013, Christopher Ransom was convicted of lying his way into an internship at the Brooklyn Supreme Court, where he proceeded to stalk two judges to the point of being levied a restraining order against him… which he proceeded to violate anyway:

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Christopher Ransom, 22, is on trial for violating restraining orders filed on behalf of two female judges when he tried to sneak back into Brooklyn Supreme Court.

He pleaded guilty earlier this year to lying that he was enrolled in college to snag the internship and then weaseling his way into restricted areas of the courthouse — like the judge’s chambers.

Ransom previously pleaded guilty to two 2010 crimes: shoplifting 78 USB drives worth $1,300 from Target in Brooklyn and for telling a gal pal he was a cop and then sleeping over and stealing $1,500 from her.

It can be assumed that questionable affirmative action hiring practices were the reason the court overlooked Ransom’s prior theft convictions when he obtained his internship, especially considering the heavily promoted “Brooklyn Justice Initiatives” which encourage lax treatment of criminal conduct…

Pretrial Supervised Release – In 2013, New York State Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman called for the creation of a supervised release program that would reduce pretrial detention for misdemeanor defendants, minimizing the negative impact of detention on individual lives while enhancing the justice system’s fairness.

Adolescent and Young Adult Diversion – BJI’s alternative-to-incarceration program serves misdemeanor defendants ages 16 to 24 across Brooklyn, with the aim of reducing the use of jail and preventing future justice system involvement.

Mental Health – Brooklyn Justice Initiatives provides alternatives to pretrial detention and incarceration for defendants with mental health needs, a population comprising over one-third of all incarcerated individuals in New York City.

…and sure enough, the court system’s lax treatment of Ransom’s crimes led to his early release, which led to even more arrests, including impersonation of a police officer…

Ransom has a total of 25 prior arrests on his record, including one for impersonating a police officer in 2016.

…where he was again re-released – this time to disastrous consequence, when an NYPD detective died in a friendly-fire incident involving Ransom using a fake gun to rob a T-Mobile store:

The friendly fire death of an NYPD detective in Queens came amid a flurry of 42 cop bullets fired at a masked career criminal who charged at officers with a fake gun, police sources said Wednesday.

“[Ransom] confronted cops with an imitation gun during the commission of a robbery, which indicates to me he wanted to commit ‘suicide by cop.’

The blame for this tragedy falls not just at the feet of Ransom, but the NYC court system which not only released Ransom with a very light sentence (at best), but also employed him in spite of his criminal record.  Why were the courts happy to have Ransom fill an internship, but not a jail cell?

Brooklyn courts seem to have taken affirmative action into overdrive – content to hire employees in spite of criminal records and links to terrorism – all in the name of “diversity”.  If the Department of Justice allows Hoda Muthana to return to the US, in contraction to the directive to bar her issued by Trump himself

…don’t be surprised if she lands a cushy job in an NYC courtroom, where the employee hires themselves all too often make a complete mockery of the US judicial system.