How Italy’s COVID-19 Outbreak Proves The Chinese Are Big Fat Liars

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Around a month ago, on February 21, the first cases of the Coronavirus were reported in Italy – in the Northern Lombardy region, to be exact.

Early on that Friday, three individual people tested positive for the virus. Significantly, these three people had not traveled to China, making it Italy’s first instance of local transmission.

On that same Friday, an additional 14 people were diagnosed with the Coronavirus, now commonly known as COVID-19, which brought the total to 17 in just 24 hours.

In less than a month, Italy went from only having 3 cases of COVID-19, to having the highest number of both deaths and cases outside of China, where the virus originated from.

Note: These statistics were posted approximately 36 hours prior to this article’s publication and have no doubt increased since then.

When seeing the situation laid out so bare and frank, it’s easy to see the severity and spread. A startling contrast can easily be seen when looking at China’s response to the initial Coronavirus outbreak.

China’s initial priority during the crucial beginning stages of the outbreak in Wuhan seemed to focus only on censoring any real information and arresting people trying to blow the whistle on the spread and severity of COVID-19.

On top of that, the World Health Organization was not allowed in China until February 10, after the most deaths occurred in one day since the outbreak had began. Over a month before any actual medical data was actually reviewed, allowing COVID-19 to only spread and fester freely across China. Not as if time wasn’t of the essence to enact measures and make decisions that could have lessened the impact of the Coronavirus both locally, for China, and globally.

Even when President Trump acted logically and stopped all entry into the U.S. from China at the end of January, China complained. China’s failure to stop travel out of the country looks doubly bad now that reports are claiming the Chinese government knew about COVID-19 a month earlier than they stated they did.

None of this is even mentioning the total lack of transparency regarding China’s reporting of cases and fatalities. They have only reported manipulated, bad data – which in turn, allowed no one to know what to really expect from the Coronavirus.

Around a week into the outbreak, China reported 218 total cases and only 3 deaths. A week into Italy’s Coronavirus outbreak, they reported 655 and 17 deaths.

The truth behind COVID-19 will no longer be able to be censored or manipulated by anyone when the outbreak spreads locally to your neck of the woods.

Most importantly, personal responsibility falls to each and every one of us to practice excellent hygiene, enact social distancing in our day-to-day life, and disinfect and clean your surroundings at least twice a day – including your cell phones.

In a press conference today, Dr. Amy Acton said that America will have “multiple Wuhans” due to how quickly the virus has spread in Ohio – and apparently nationwide. If action and decisions had been made early on in China, perhaps it would not have come to such a point not only in America – but globally.