In First Weeks, Biden Admin Makes Priorities Clear As Voters Begin To Ask Where’s The Help

As any observant follower of politics knows, executive orders amidst a new Presidential administration taking office is nothing unusual. The orders can consistently be relied on as a good indicator as to the aims and intentions of a new presidency. Cue the Biden administration making headlines off the bat upon revoking the permit of the Keystone Pipeline XL, halting construction and eliminating 11,000 jobs in the process. Under Biden, the U.S. also re-joins the Paris climate accord.

Several of Biden’s executive orders did away with Trump’s isolationist, “America First” immigration policies. Notably, non-citizens are now required to be included in the Census and get an apportionment of congressional representatives. DACA is fortified and protected. The restrictions placed by the Trump administration on U.S. entry for passport holders from seven Muslim-majority countries was also reversed.

Construction of the border wall stops as the national emergency declaration used for funding was terminated under another executive action. Sure, Biden signed an order that, according to CNN, “restores collective bargaining power and worker for protections for federal workers… and… $15 minimum wage”.

$15 minimum wage…by 2025. And for federal workers only.

Biden’s executive executive orders also saw a slew of COVID-related actions. In the Biden admin, a “COVID-19 Response Coordinator” will report to Biden and distribute vaccinations. A “100 Days Masking Challenge” will ask the public to be socially distant and wear a face mask. Masks required in airports, public transport, and on federal land – with FEMA directed to create “federally-supported community vaccination centers”.

All of this begs the question why, then, Joe Biden remarked that there is “nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months”.

It becomes clearer juxtaposed alongside the news that Governor Gavin Newsom of California lifted restrictions and re-opened the state after months and months of strict mandates and rules, total economic lockdown – in turn, meltdown – in response to the Coronavirus.

With Trump, months and months of lockdowns. In the span of a week for Biden, states are completely re-opening.

Thus, proving that American elite are not only so sickly demented and evil to use COVID-19 as a political tool against Trump but also their willingness to completely tank state economies and allow people to suffer.

With the breakneck pace that the Biden administration is going to enact their agenda and priorities, it has left many asking – where is the help?

In spate of any help from the Biden administration, average people took matters into their own hands and began a short squeeze on GameStop (GME) stock after a notable surge. The stock saw massive gains with normal people making quick cash and billions being wiped out for hedge fund managers forced to sell their shorts.

Biden released a statement, saying the White House was monitoring the situation. Selling and purchasing of GME was halted across several different platforms – RobinHood, AmeriTrade, among others. The stock was then pruned with many holders being forced out and sold at the bottom as the free market “corrected” itself overnight after the turbulent days of trading.

Obama famously bailed out Wall Street and the finance sector before giving any aid to average, struggling Americans – is there any question a corporate puppet like Joe wouldn’t do the same?

Just in case you needed an answer to the above question, all you should need to know is that Biden’s pick for DNC Chairman was a former corporate lobbyist. Yes, nothing says “for the people” like lobbying for big banks, big oil, and coal companies that resisted climate regulations.