In Minnesota, 3 Grandchildren Execute Altruistic Neighbor And The Abhorrent Murder Remains Untouched By The Mainstream Media

Brandon Arndt.

Last month, after visiting their hospitalized grandmother, three of her grandchildren took revenge on the man they believed put her there, authorities say.

Murder charges filed in Olmsted County District Court detail that the threesome went to the Rochester, Minnesota home of Brandon Arndt in the early hours of the morning on September 10th and shot him in the face when he opened the door.

Authorities are now calling the murder a “tragic misunderstanding of assumptions”. Arndt has been described as a helpful neighbor to an elderly woman who recently moved in next door at his trailer park.

Arndt had helped her with grocery shopping, her medication, and did light maintenance in her home. The elderly woman had a life-threatening medical emergency and was found in her home in a “disturbing state”.

During the medical response, several members of her family came to her house. Arndt also went next door, telling the family he had been helping her. He even offered to call 911 for her, but she refused.

“When he spoke to some of these family members, they were not aware who he was, or why he had previous contact with the medical victim,” Rochester Police Captain, John Sherwin said.

Some of the family believed that because of the way the woman was discovered, Arndt had something to do with her medical condition.

After investigative work, which included reviewing surveillance video, authorities named Kielah Parsons, Malcolm Woods, and Darien Klindworth-Woods as suspects. All three are related to the elderly woman who lived next door to Arndt, their grandmother.

Authorities described surveillance footage that showed the suspects leaving the hospital were their grandmother was staying around 3:10 a.m. on September 10th. Footage from a convenience store shows Parsons buying snacks and grabbing a surplus of plastic bags for the items she purchased.

The three then drove to the trailer park Arndt lived in, Woods put plastic bags on his feet and hands and got out of the car and shot Arndt at point-blank range in the face when he opened the door.

A couple of days later, Klindworth-Woods drove Woods to the ends of town and Woods sold a .40 caliber handgun to another man.

Recently, Arndt had received a new kidney after many rough years of medical issues himself. Arndt’s mother said he was “looking forward to a new lease on life”.

The three suspected of killing Arndt: Malcolm Woods, Kielah Parsons, and Darien Klindworth-Woods.

The situation surrounding the murder is not only wholly depressing but hypocritical. Consider for just a second if the roles were reversed and a group of white men executed a black neighbor based solely on assumptions.

The mainstream media would run the story into the ground, stoking the flames of chaos and turmoil with already strained race-relations within the U.S.

However, because it’s not a story that strengthens the anti-white narrative often times found in the media, this abhorrent murder has only been covered by local news.

Remember his name – Brandon Arndt – and realize even through genuinely kind, altruistic actions, none of it mattered, and his life was cut short for nothing.