ISIS Jihadi Bride Set To Receive Legal Aid Funded Through U.K. Taxpayer Money

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Despite having her citizenship revoked in February, jihadi bride, Shamima Begum, will be given large sums of taxpayer-funded legal aid from the U.K. government.

In 2015, Begum left Britain to join ISIS in Syria when she was just 15 years old – where she married a jihadi fighter with whom she had 3 children.

Jeremy Corbyn, Labour party leader, said of Begum’s forthcoming aid:

She’s… entitled to apply for legal aid if she has a legal problem just like anybody else is. The whole point of legal aid is that if you’re facing a prosecution then you’re entitled to be represented and that’s a fundamental rule of law, a fundamental point in any democratic society.

Begum has said she is innocent, claiming she was lured to Syria and was a simple housewife under the regime. However, new evidence has revealed Begum was a “morality enforcer” in the caliphate, enforcing rules and being allowed to carry a Kalashnikov rifle.

As morality enforcer, Begum is believed to have seen many woman lashed or even imprisoned for violating strict Islamic laws. An activist specified of morality enforcers and even Begum herself, “some of them were very harsh and the local population became very scared,” and that they all “knew Begum well”.

Begum’s legal aid is to be used in her case to return to the United Kingdom. The BBC has said the decision to give her taxpayer-funded legal aid to challenge the government revoking her citizenship has already been made.

The Telegraph also reports of evidence that Begum worked to recruit more brides for the caliphate, under two different pseudonyms: “Umm Asma” and “Umm Ahmed”.

Begum reportedly told a prospective bride:

Don’t believe any of the bad things you hear about [the Islamic State], it’s fake. You have everything you want here… We can help find you a good-looking husband.

Despite her own accounts of being a “simple housewife” for the caliphate, the reports and evidence piling up are drastically saying otherwise.

Again and again, the British Establishment goes far out of their way to appease their enemies. Activist Tommy Robinson is targeted and punished for non-crimes whilst an ISIS terrorist is given taxpayer’s money as part of a legal aid to come back into the country she hated and fled from.

With her now proven role as morality enforcer in the caliphate, Shamima Begum has no place in a modernized and Western society. To allow her back in and give her aid, at that, is a truly stupendous move on the part of the British government who are seemingly not thinking of Begum’s future actions and the safety of British citizens everywhere.