Italy’s Salvini Stands Up To Merkel – Reduces Migrant Entry By 95%

During an awards acceptance speech on Monday, Germany’s Angela Merkel called on the international community to “stand up” to “excessive populism and nationalism”.

Merkel’s desperate plea to “stand up” to the frightening boogey-man of nationalism comes on the heels of news that Italy’s migration policy under Matteo Salvini, the interior minister, has dropped migration entry by 95%.

Being awarded the Fulbright Prize for International Understanding, Merkel took her acceptance speech as a chance to lambaste President Trump and attack the growing tide of populism sweeping over Europe.

She thanked Germany’s “American friends” who rebuilt the country, and Europe, after 1945 but jabbed at Trump’s America first domestic policies, claiming that with “all the differences that one has” countries “need to talk with one another, we need meetings, encounters, lines of communications” to solve international issues.

Merkel added that nationalism was working for “the vested interests of others” and that she would never “tire of making a case for the strength of a multilateral, rules-based and values-based global order”.

In other words, Germans must obey Merkel’s Globalist order and abandon any thoughts of a nation-first domestic policy.

However, Italy’s Salvini has proven that putting country first can show stunning results. Official data shows that 3,176 illegal immigrants came to Italy in January of last year under leadership of the Democratic party who told Italians they were actively working to reduce the number of incoming immigrants – which was false.

The stunning reduction of illegal migrant arrivals comes from Salvini’s policies after he told migrant transports NGOs that they wouldn’t be welcome to dock in Italian ports.

Salvini was quick to point out after the release of the official data that “for the first time, returns are superior to arrivals”. Even after closing the ports to entry, the Italian government focused on increasing deportations of illegal immigrants – which led to more deportations of radical Islamists than any other European country in 2018.

Although populism and nationalism have been proven to garner actual results via Italy’s Matteo Salvini, Merkel has decided to rail against any actual progress and safety to return to Europe in a last-ditch effort to save her ailing country and her disastrous policies.

Merkel has proven she will continue to fight for Globalism while a few other nationalist countries shirk off her example and fight for their land against the horde of migrants allowed unfettered travel across the continent, putting both tradition and citizens at risk.

The battle for sovereignty versus a one-world order continues, and will, until a boiling point is reached. Merkel – and globalists like her – play the long con in an attempt to wrestle and take control from the people during a time of potential crisis.