John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight: A Beacon of Truth Or Just More of The Same Bias?

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John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight on HBO premiered in April 2014 and still airs today. Before getting his own cable news show, Oliver was prominently featured on The Daily Show as a correspondent. In an interview with THR in May, a month before Last Week Tonight aired, Oliver spoke of the freedoms offered by working with HBO:

“You can have real freedom…” says Oliver. “To do a very aggressive piece on [General Motors] before a congressional investigation, that’s potentially a problem on commercial TV. I don’t think it would be outlawed. But I think there would be a sense of, ‘Do you have to do this?'”

Yes, with HBO’s “real freedom”, it was easy to champion himself as the underdog that wanted to get to work doing real investigative journalism but did Oliver live up to his own high standards? Over the course of the show’s run, Oliver’s corporate bias became exceedingly clear.

For instance, once Donald Trump won three primary states in the infancy of his campaign for President, Oliver’s focus was thrust into overdrive against Trump. Nearly every episode of Last Week Tonight that ran through 2016 either had a main segment or side segment devoted to whatever the mainstream media was running against Trump that week. Oliver obsessively dissected and rejected Trump’s policies and ideas on his show. In a display of complete arrogance, he even ran television ads during Last Week Tonight intended to “teach Trump about key issues.

The scrutiny and criticism of Hillary Clinton or her campaign, though, was nil.

The lack of criticisms on Clinton becomes woefully apparent when you connect the dots.

Oliver works for HBO who, in turn, is owned by Time Warner – who contributed greatly to Clinton’s 2016 campaign. It seems HBO’s freedom is great for taking on nearly everything and everyone besides the puppet candidate the Establishment attempted to force into office. Oliver was even tied directly to the Clinton Foundation in hacked e-mails; showing that he was contacted by longtime Clinton Foundation partner, Greg Propper. Don’t worry, though, Snopes rated this claim as “FALSE”; they posit that:

“Oliver was but one of a long list of celebrities under consideration.”

It’s somehow better because the Clinton Foundation attempted to contact many celebrities – not just Oliver – for their propaganda. In reality, that makes it much worse but the Fake News media will never understand that; their shameless attempt at furthering their agenda has made them oblivious to how corrupted they really are.

Speaking of corrupted – John Oliver used a Trump tax dodge to purchase a $9.5 MILLION home…

Oliver enlisted the aide of a New York law firm to buy the property under a shell company to receive the huge tax break. On top of that, neither Oliver’s or his wife’s name appear on the mortgage or property records. Do as I say, not as I do, right, Oliver? Only a liberal leftist could rail against the widening wealth gap whilst knowing they took advantage of an enormous tax break. The hypocrisy is shameless and staggering; even sicker is that Oliver has a bully pulpit to act holier-than-thou while his integrity crumbles away.


Not to mention, James Hodgkinson – the man who opened fired on Republican practice for a baseball game, wounding Steve Scalise – liked Last Week Tonight on his Facebook page. 

It’s time John Oliver be held accountable for his biased reporting (which likely played a part in radicalizing Hodgkinson) and his own personal hypocrisy. While liberals champion Oliver as a beacon of fact and truth, the reality is far murkier. Oliver claimed that HBO’s “freedom” would allow him to report what really mattersIt seems that they only acted as his corporate overlords; perhaps giving him nearly free reign for any topic but his silence on Hillary Clinton’s corruption and scandals speaks volumes.

Yes, Oliver – you are just more of the same; a tired and old bias that has little grounding in reality.