Lifelong Pedophilia Enthusiast Turned Ars Technica Writer Arrested For Pedophilia

Earlier this month, Peter Bright – a tech reporter who worked for both Ars Technica and Conde Nast – was arrested and charged with trying to solicit sex from underage children.

Bright, known under the alias @DrPizza on Twitter, posted about social justice issues and was a noted SJW with an avid distaste of Donald Trump.

Bright was arrested on May 22 and was presented in court that same evening. He was denied bail, being deemed a “danger” and is now in jail awaiting his next court appearance.

Peter Bright contacted an undercover FBI agent through a site called “KinkD”. The agent was posing as the mother of a 9 year old boy and a 7 year old girl who was seeking to talk with someone who could teach her kids lessons about the “birds and the bees”.

After Bright responded, he and the agent shifted to WhatsApp for their conversation. From there, Bright began suggesting he should meet the children for sexual acts.

Talking to the same undercover FBI agent, Bright also bragged that he was experienced in how to teach children about sexual acts. Bright claimed he had been “teaching” an 11 year old girl who lived in the Bronx and described the kind of “teaching” he’d like to do.

I’ll take “Tweets That Didn’t Age Well” for $1,000, Alex…

Now recently being uncovered, “Dr. Pizza” advocated for child porn being legalized nearly 20 years ago on official Ars Technica forums.

“Taking a picture isn’t harmful. Raping a child is harmful, but taking a picture of it is not harmful… I’d argue that taking a picture of said rape is not… wrong.” – 

A face only a mother could love… Maybe.

It’s unfortunate “coincidence” that Dr. Pizza’s Twitter handle references pizza and even includes a pizza symbol, what with the scandalous and thoroughly “debunked” Pizzagate story years ago…

What is true, though, is that a majority of leftists are completely steeped in hypocrisy yet somehow stand atop a soapbox to preach against issues that don’t align with their views while they pursue degenerate and immoral practices.

The fact that Bright advocated for pedophilia nearly 20 years ago is a sad testament to how many monsters like him lurk amongst us, and even tell us of their perverted, twisted beliefs in plain view – ignored and allowed to continue to their degraded acts uninhibited.