Like David Petraeus, Gun Owners Should Not Trust Mitt Romney To Be Secretary Of State

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Recently, I wrote an article for GotNews on why gun owners cannot trust David Petraeus to be the next Secretary of State.

The position as the nation’s top diplomat carries with it the power to negotiate treaties and sign arms control accords.  Exemplified by SoS John Kerry’s actions, these treaties are oftentimes in direct contradiction to the 2nd amendment.  Again, bear in mind that support of gun owners was one of the primary reasons Donald Trump won the election in the first place. 

And, like Petraeus, Mitt Romney cannot be trusted by gun owners to represent their interests on the world stage.  Honestly, I never trusted him when he became the Republican nominee in 2012, and establishment politicians like him are the primary reason I had voted Libertarian for years before seeing a big difference in Trump.  Romney has a record of flip-flopping, doing whatever is necessary to get votes, something that is demonstrated perfectly in his position on guns.

In 2011, Gun Owners of America put forward evidence of Romney’s history as an anti-gun politician, in particular his role in signing extensive gun control restrictions as Governor of Massachusetts in 2004.  Romney has a record of flip-flopping on the gun control issue throughout his entire career.  Notably, most of the “flops” result in gun control legislation being put on the books which infringes on gun owners’ rights, and in nearly all cases, these laws remain on the books.

Given the position Romney put forward in 2012, you would think he would have done more to undo his 2004 ban, or at least amend it to make expansion upon its restrictions more difficult. However, you would be placing far too much faith in Romney to protect gun owners’ rights.

Massachusetts AG Maura Healey

Recently, the MA ban was strengthened unilaterally by the state’s Attorney General, Maura Healey.  She moved to bar the sale of rifles that “slightly” evaded the state’s ban, causing a run on existing weapons at gun stores.  Later, she launched an investigation into “safety problems” with Remington and Glock firearms.  Gun owners should recognize the two brands as producing extremely reliable weapons, with safety features that have been copied by gun manufacturers everywhere.

Where was Romney when Healey was doing all of this?  Nowhere to be found.  He said absolutely nothing, and by doing so, gave his implicit endorsement to the actions of the AG of the state he once governed. 

Romney’s anti-gun credentials are perhaps even more extensive than those of Petraeus.  And, as I demonstrated with Petraeus, a Secretary of State who does not respect the rights of gun owners should not get the job.  Gun owners must work together and unite behind a SoS nominee who supports our rights, and cannot subjugate us to arms deals and gun controls negotiated on a global scale.