Mainstream Media Uses The Anonymous NYT Op-Ed To Reinforce The Precedent Of Unsourced Anti-Trump Fake News

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Last week, the New York Times took a “rare step” in publishing an anonymous op-ed from a “senior official in the Trump administration”. Whilst they know who wrote it, they are keeping the lid on their identity because the author’s job “would be jeopardized by… disclosure”:

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The op-ed details a secret “resistance” inside the Trump administration to protect the country from the President’s “misguided impulses” and explained there were “early whispers” of a possible Cabinet coup to oust Trump from office via the 25th Amendment.

However, as Politico points out – the 25th Amendment isn’t the catch-all the anonymous author (or leftists) make it out to be:

Trump is not “unable” to serve as president, as would be required to invoke the 25th Amendment. He is actually a high-achieving, high-functioning person who has excelled in business, entertainment and now politics. He hasn’t suffered from a crippling stroke, a psychotic break or dementia.

Although the op-ed author admits there are “bright spots” to Trump’s presidency, such as massive deregulation and “historic tax reform”, the editorial claims the victories came despite Trump’s “impetuous, adversarial, petty, and ineffective” leadership style.

On Friday, Trump was asked if he had any idea would could of wrote the op-ed and he specified he “could think of four or five, mostly people that either I don’t like or don’t respect”. Trump didn’t name names but predicted the identity would soon become public and said people think it’s “disgusting” the piece was published.

Indeed, the sheer vulgarity and sliminess of the New York Time’s action in publishing this op-ed is not lost on any Trump supporter.

Since Trump took office, the 62 million people that voted for him have been forced to bear witness to countless numbers of unsourced, unverified, and untrue stories pumped out by the mainstream media in their bid to delegitimize and oust a democratically-elected President from the White House.

304-227 seems pretty unanimous to me.

To the Fake News Media, banking on “anonymous sources” for a story is a rite-of-passage in the Trump era. Whether or not it’s true or verifiable, if it’s anti-Trump, it will be published. From this onslaught of salacious, unproven garbage against the Trump admin, people have become increasingly jaded toward the mainstream media and their true intentions.

However, to the media, this anonymous reporting seems to bolster the anti-Trump narrative in their minds.  Otherwise, why would they keep spewing such false, trite stories?

At one point, the anonymous op-ed posits “this isn’t the work of the so-called deep state. It’s the work of the steady state”.

When the concept of the “Deep State” was first introduced, it was lauded as a laughable conspiracy theory touted by only the most fringe right-leaning voices. However, as time spanned, it has gone from conspiracy to being openly confirmed – and even defended. Take WaPo’s Eugene Robinson for instance:

With a supine Congress unwilling to play the role it is assigned by the Constitution, the deep state stands between us and the abyss.

To a fake news flunkie like Robinson, the “deep state” is one of the only things standing between Trump and casting the country into utter turmoil. Now, our anonymous author wants us to believe the partisan, biased figures working tirelessly behind the scenes to obstruct and finish Trump are the “steady state”, dedicated to saving and protecting American interests. How laughable. 

Furthermore, the timing of this “anonymous” op-ed is a bit more than suspect. When Bob Woodward’s new, “tell-all” book on a Trump White House in chaos hit the news cycle, this anonymously written editorial also popped up. Is it coincidence that an op-ed detailing a “resistance” inside the “chaotic” Trump admin is published just a week ahead of an anti-Trump book that hinges on unverified sources? 

Sadly, it’s the same old song and dance – but people are slowly waking up to it.