Mainstream Media Ratings Plummet Amidst Major Credibility Crisis

Last month, CNN saw a 16% collapse in their primetime ratings. This comes after the network offered voluntary buyouts to 100 employees in that same month.

CNN’s primetime viewers reached only 761,000 viewers and their total day viewers crashed 9% compared to the same month last year, averaging only 559,000 viewers.

CNN’s supposed flagship morning show, New Day, only averages an underwhelming 485,000 viewers.

Breitbart details splendidly why CNN‘s viewership has tanked, with six years of faulty reporting on the network’s part regarding several national stories. Taking a stroll down memory lane, we recall…

With their biased and downright erroneous reporting, is it any wonder that the network’s top-rated program, Cuomo Prime Time, hit 25th place with only 938,000 viewers against Fox News and MSNBC programs?

Jake Tapper, CNN’s once golden child, dialed it in at 36th place with only 706,000 viewers in his 4 p.m. slot. Tapper’s ratings have seen a massive downward spiral – where he once placed regularly in the top three in total viewers of CNN shows, now he places sixth amongst the colleagues of his network.

CNN isn’t the only one hurting, however. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow has lost 500,000 viewers and has had her worst monthly ratings since Trump became President.

Maddow’s viewership saw a sharp drop-off after the release of the Mueller Report – which debunked the Fake News media’s claim that Trump colluded with Russia and proved Trump didn’t obstruct justice.

Before Mueller’s report, she averaged 3.1 million nightly viewers. After, she averaged only 2.6 million viewers.

With Trump’s supposed collusion with Russia being totally debunked, Maddow’s credibility took a direct hit. With Trump exonerated, Maddow plainly looks stupid and foolish – something she can simply not recover from after giving away her integrity in return for paranoia and delusion.

The consequences of bogus and biased reporting on the Fake News Media’s part has finally come home to roost. Their massive decline in viewership is a direct result of their garbage and inaccurate coverage on President Trump and his administration. In lieu of facts and reality, many cable news networks and their anchors instead turned to hysterics and deception to drive false narratives and ignore facts that didn’t align with their partisan agendas. 

Now, with their reputations and integrity completely shredded, they stand alone with nothing to show from their hard work of trying to make misconceptions true but their steaming and stinky, biased investigations to oust and expose Trump from office that went absolutely nowhere.