Marc Elias, Lawyer With Ties To Clinton Campaign and Perkins Coie, Leads Florida Democrats Recount Bid

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Prominent members of the GOP party have blasted the scores of liberal lawyers swarming Florida in a calculated bid to steal the recent Senator and Governor elections – with forced recounts becoming reality after Republicans won both highly-sought spots of the state’s government.

Marc Elias, the firmwide chair of Perkins Coie, is one of the top lawyers overseeing Florida’s recounts. Not only is he highly involved with Perkins Coie – the same law firm that investigated the accusations against Jim Jordan that he ignored years of sexual misconduct while coach of OSU’s wrestling team – he’s also closely connected with the Clinton campaign.

If you have any wonders of Perkins Coie’s true motivation, just look at their top donators on OpenSecrets

The DNC tops their donation list with Hillary For America, Obama for America, and Priorities USA Action – David Brock’s former PAC – also making appearances; along with many other high-profile Democratic fundraising efforts.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, Marc Elias even retained Fusion GPS to dig up dirt on Trump – resulting in the infamous Steele dossier. Marc Elias, with Perkins Coie, reportedly even drafted Crowdstrike to aid with the DNC’s hacked servers.

Now, Elias and Perkins Coie – both steeped in partisanship and bias – are overseeing a highly contested recount in Florida. Of all things, and if any one thing should be, a recount must remain apolitical and unbiased. However, we have the opposite in Florida with Elias, a Democrat flunky, doing the bidding and manipulating of the Establishment elite to steal the election and hand Democrats the win.

Still think the claims of Democrats rigging the elections is outlandish?

What about a Broward county employee signing an affidavit admitting they saw election staff filling out blank ballots? Or Matt Gaetz being removed from filming election officials as they were secretly loading boxes in and out of election offices?

A Palm Beach election observer witnessed multiple infractions and was threatened with expulsion if they dared to speak out.

Bear in mind, none of this is even mentioning the connections between Elias, Perkins Coie, and top Democrats…

It is staggering that such an obvious steal of an election could just be allowed to happen, teetering America even closer to being a Banana Republic than ever before. As the left crows and screams about voter fraud and rigged elections, their own side is guilty of the most cardinal sins.

The worst – or maybe least shocking – part of this entire situation, is that it proves yet another instance of Mainstream Media/Democrat complicity: with the Fake News media writing off any dissenting voices as “conservative conspiracy theories”, the truth is sure to never see the light of day…