The #MeToo Campaign Has Diluted The Credibility Of Actual Victims

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An epidemic seems to have taken over the world of politics and entertainment, engulfing some of even the most influential and beloved personalities in the waves of mounting sexual assault allegations. Over the course of just the past few months, powerful influencers like Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, and even politicians like Al Franken and John Conyers have been exposed as having varying levels of sexual impropriety with colleagues and subordinates, ultimately, for the most part, costing them their careers. However, a larger issue has taken the stage, and it’s blurring the lines on how we perceive sexual assault accusations.

Amidst the Harvey Weinstein debacle, millions of women, empowered by the recent spotlight shone upon women telling their stories, took to their social media accounts and shouted of their own experiences, all anchored by a common hashtag: #metoo.

The phenomenon took off as a result of a Tweet by Alyssa Milano, and within days it had become a centerpiece on headline news sites and channels. Unfortunately, the campaign has now ultimately resulted in more abject skepticism of what truly constitutes sexual assault. Even worse, it has blurred the line on what accusations and experiences have real merit, and which ones are fabricated for a chance to be a part of the campaign and spread the idea further.

Of course, this speaks to a much larger issue that real sexual assault survivors have become all too familiar with: The increasing difficulty to be taken seriously and get justice for their attacks. For too long the survivors of these heinous attacks have had their path to justice obscured by other women making false accusations in order to smear men who they might have a personal grudge against, or just want to see squirm for a while. The sad net result of these crimes has been diminished credibility for all accusers, even legitimate ones, and skepticism whether it’s warranted or not.

The reality is that feminists and liberals have put their own selfishness ahead of those who they say they are fighting for, just to score cheap political points and to have one more thing to put on their twitter tagline. This has now permeated into the political spectrum as well, bringing the Alabama Senate special election to center stage in recent weeks as Republican candidate Judge Roy Moore faces spurious accusations of misconduct with several women. Even famed victim advocate Gloria Allred had entered the spotlight, further publicizing the investigation and making it even more political.

However, there was one thing the accusers had not accounted for: Moore publicly refuted the claims, pushing back and even asking for evidence. Unsuprisingly, the accuser and Attack Dog, Esq. slowly shied away from the media attention they had just been feeding on.

The unfortunate truth is that liberals in their ever-growing craving for attention have done the impossible perverted even one of the most traumatizing experiences a person can endure, all in the name of pushing their political agenda. The reckless behavior has made it harder than ever for real victims to come forward, and yet these people who have spent their political lives claiming to be advocates for women and other victims have now been exposed for the selfish political charlatans they have always been. Sadly the lasting damage will lie with future sexual assault victims who will continue to face more and more obstacles in their struggle for justice.