Mob Of Somali Teens Terrorize Minneapolis Light Rail – Mainstream Media Blackout Ensues

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The East Bank Light Rail Transit station

Last week, a mob of eight to ten “males” (to use the mainstream media’s terminology regarding the attack) chasing people around with hammers and metal pipes, caused police to be dispatched to Minneapolis’ East Bank LRT station.

Another media report labels the attackers as “juveniles”, which is closer to the truth but still ignoring the stark reality behind the story – which includes the fact that this incident occurred in Rep. Ilhan Omar‘s district. 

The story first broke on Facebook, after it was reported to 911 at around 10 PM, from a Minneapolis crime watch page:

A commenter who claims to have been at the station when the assault occurred detailed the incident:

…It was a group of Somali young males with hammers and bars. They were attacking anyone who looked like they had money or were white. I didn’t stick around all that long… I wasn’t taking on a bunch of dudes with blunt objects. I kinda hurried an older white lady away and walked a few blocks to catch a bus. They pretty much ignored me but I was in ratty work clothes and… half Arabic. Guess they gave me a pass…

A redacted police report received by AlphaNews shines further light on the true nature of the event. It describes the perpetrators as a “group of Somali juveniles”. The report further details that two of the juveniles were cited with misdemeanor fleeing from police and disorderly conduct – with another charged with misdemeanor false information to police.

AlphaNews also communicated with a representative from the Minneapolis Police Department who said the case was being handled by University of Minnesota police. The University of Minnesota police report specified there were seven juveniles “causing a disturbance” on the LRT platform and that two of the juveniles “had pipes in their hands”. The report also stated two juveniles were arrested and transported to the Juvenile Detention Center and one of the Somalian suspects was “known” to officers in Minneapolis’ 1st Precinct, which covers the Cedar-Riverside area and downtown Minneapolis.

Notably, there was also an attempted robbery in the same location on Wednesday where two University of Minnesota students were injured, but it’s unknown whether the incidents are related.

The creeping threat of incompatible and backwards refugees and migrants from countries ruled by toxic, radical Islam that is plaguing the entirety of Europe seems to finally be materializing in America. Minnesota has the most refugees per capita in the U.S. – so is it any wonder that a mob of Somali youth took to the streets with hammers and pipes to terrorize a train station near a college campus? A witness to the incident specifically claimed that the refugees targeted anyone white or anyone who looked wealthy. The witness, half-Arabic, was not assaulted himself – a testament to the hateful view the Somali youth attacking the LRT station likely held. 

The most sickening part, however, is the total lack of coverage by any mainstream media outlet. Another blackout enacted by the all-powerful news conglomerates regarding a story that doesn’t adhere to the mold of their pro-refugee, victimized-migrant narrative. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the attack occurred in Ilhan Omar‘s district?

Virtually no reporting of the incident has seen the light of day save for grassroots bloggers and reporters – and hopefully the flow of information continues to trickle so we can keep you updated on this event of unprecedented proportions; refugees attacking citizens and causing chaos in the country they’re taking refuge in. The message sent by their actions and behavior tell you all you need to know about these Somali refugees.