Muslim World League Demands Europe Ban Religious Hate Speech, Increase Efforts To Integrate Muslims Into European Countries

Mohammed al-Issa of the Muslim World League (MWL).

Chief Mohammed al-Issa of the Muslim World League (MWL) has called on European leaders to crack down on religious hate speech and do more to help the integration of other Muslims in Europe.

In an interview with Reuters, al-Issa said:

We believe that European countries… need to enhance national assimilation programs and criminalize hatred and contempt for adherents of religions because this threatens the safety of the community.

Notably, al-Issa and the MWL hail from Saudi Arabia – a country that has taken in zero refugees, yet still shamelessly make the case for other countries to step up their game and do more for migrants – whilst doing absolutely nothing themselves.

As far back as 2010, the Muslim World League has been exposed as being part of a worldwide network of Saudi-funded groups. According to the Pew Research Center, the primary focus of the MWL is to promote Islamic teachings and to encourage Muslims to be more religiously observant.

The Pew Center also points out that the Muslim World League – as a result of Saudi money and influence – promote the strict Wahhabi brand of Islam that’s common in the Saudi Kingdom. Wahhabism was created with the goal of purifying Islam by ridding it of outside influences and advocating strict adherence to core Islamic teachings.

al-Issa claimed that the Muslim World League is pouring all of its time and money into combating “the extremism wrongly labelled as Islam, and the opposite extremism known as Islamophobia“.

Critics have been quick to point out that the teachings of Muslim World League-controlled mosques promote hatred and radicalism. The League is associated with the ultraconservative, fundamentalist brand of Wahhabi Islam as practiced in Saudi Arabia – where your hand is cut off for theft and adulterers are stoned.

The MWL will call on others to do more for refugees and quash any dissent in opinion toward Islam and the invading force overtaking Europe; however, it’s time to call on the League and Saudi Arabia to do their part.

Saudi Arabia won’t take in any refugees despite being in the Middle East, where the turmoil and chaos is taking place. Instead, they fund organizations to take to the world stage and guilt-trip other countries to do more.

An argument is to be made that Europe has done – and suffered – enough in their plight of taking in millions of refugees.

For instance, we have the case of Mireille Knoll – a Holocaust survivor stabbed and killed by a migrant in Paris. We have the story of Lisdoonvarna, an Irish village of 300 being forced into taking 115 migrants. Lest we forget, a year ago next month, an Ariana Grande concert was bombed in Manchester, leading to scores of dead children.

Going even further, it’s been revealed that nearly thirteen percent of all German residents are foreign born. More than half of Germany’s welfare recipients come from migrant backgrounds. What more does al-Issa want from Europe when the coffers are already being bled dry?

No matter what al-Issa claims, Europe and its leaders are already bending over backward to cater and accommodate to migrants. The fact that the majority of European countries have thrown open their borders for unfettered access proves not much more can be done for integration, either – short of the Muslim refugees actually, well, integrating…

From where al-Issa sits, on the perch of an ivory tower, the real argument is to be directed back at him…

What is the Muslim World League actually doing to help migrants integrate? With “hate speech” already being the focal point and ire of authorities in Europe, what more do they want done in regards to citizens who dare speak up? More importantly, when will Saudi Arabia begin to take in their fair share of refugees and not merely fund a militant group of Islamists to bully and push more unneeded immigration onto countries who are already struggling under the weight of it?