Native Swedes May Soon Be Outnumbered By Migrants, As Populist Far-Right In Sweden Surges

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Richard Jomshof, Sweden Democrats MP, has made a dire warning that without any foreseeable change in policy, native Swedes will become a minority in their own country.

Speaking to Parliament, Jomshof also accused the Swedish media establishment of downplaying and diminishing the history of Sweden, saying:

We should remember that there is only one place on earth where Swedes have the right to govern themselves. There is only one place on earth where the Swedes have acquired the right to a country through this endeavor – and this country is Sweden.

Although Swedes aren’t approaching minority status in Sweden overall, several areas in the country such as Södertälje are completely migrant-majority.

All together, 5% of the Swedish population lives in migrant-majority areas. Recent reports have also revealed that mass migration is the only factor pushing Swedish population growth.

Last year, Sweden’s foreign-born population neared 1.7 million, with a staggering 1 in 6 people born outside the country.

After record gains by Sweden’s far-right Democrats in the Parliament, Jomshof’s speech comes on the heels of his party winning so many seats in some areas that they didn’t have enough candidates to fill them all.

In his speech, Jomshof spoke frankly of the issues facing Sweden and the reality of forced multiculturalism:

The result of the mass immigration and multiculturalism of recent decades is very clear. Sweden, once a safe and homogeneous country, is today increasingly characterized by division, segregation, exclusion, insecurity. The imported crimes of drug dealing and shootings, with stone-throwing and fires, with sexual abuse and gang rape, is tearing down Sweden.

He continued:

We can also see how the other parties made it possible for anti-democratic, violent, and misogynistic Islamism to grow strong even in our part of the world. The failure is monumental…

Jomshof is certainly correct in saying that Swedes will soon be outnumbered in their own country, but it may be even more accurate to say that – if no changes to policy are enacted en masse – Europeans will be a minority on their own continent soon enough.

Even with Jomshof’s fiery speech, the situation in Sweden is sadly far past the point where a politician speaking the truth will effect any change to reverse the rising tides eroding their culture and sovereignty.

However, the recent gains made by far-right Democrats in Sweden do express the voice of the silent majority, whom are quickly waking up to the violence and incompatible invaders perching stake on their native land. 

Truly, only time will tell how how history remembers Sweden – and the rest of Europe.  In the migrant crisis, the fate of countless citizens and storied culture hanging perilously in the balance.