New FBI Documents Shed Further Light On Inept Clinton Home E-mail Server Scandal

New documents from a recent FBI data dump reveal that Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s closest aide, was left stunned when she learned hackers were trying to infiltrate Clinton’s home server in 2011.

“omg”, Abedin wrote to Clinton IT aide Justin Cooper after he shared that he was forced to shut the server down because of breach attempts.

“I had to shut down the server,” Cooper messaged Abedin. “Someone was trying to hack us and while they did not get in I didn’t want to let them have the chance to”.

From there, Abedin e-mailed Clinton-era State Department deputies Jake Sullivan and Cheryl Mills: “Don’t e-mail HRC anything sensitive. I can explain more in person”. For Abedin to send out this alert suggests that Clinton’s staff routinely sent sensitive materials to her outside of government systems that had safeguards in place to prevent hacking.

Other bombshells found within the data dump show that the FBI lost its notes regarding a 2015 meeting with the Intelligence Community Inspector General on a Clinton-linked topic and that Clinton’s aides “lost most of” the e-mails in relation to her private home server as Clinton transitioned out of the State Department.

Handwritten notes from a March 2, 2016 interview of Justin Cooper reveals that the Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs) in Clinton’s home sometimes had “open doors” – even when Clinton wasn’t there. Cooper also specified the SCIFs had safes but he had “no understanding” of when they would be opened or closed. Furthermore, a door with a “metal key code” on the SCIF at Clinton’s D.C. home was used but it wasn’t “always locked”.

As Clinton was transitioning out of her role as Secretary of State, the data from her server was being moved to Platte River Networks. Cooper claimed that to “formalize a new office” for Clinton and to “set up staff accounts”, he needed a new e-mail domain – that meant “” was “going away”.

From the transition, Cooper told the FBI agent that most of the e-mails from the domain were lost. The FBI agent noted that Cooper “didn’t have a system for archiving messages” and that Cooper didn’t “know if the administration did a backup”. Clinton and her lawyers even specified that they deleted tens of thousands of messages because they concerned “personal matters” and not “government work”.

How very convenient that a majority of Hillary’s e-mails were “lost”. It seems that Lady Justice, with her scales and blindfold, doesn’t matter in Hillary’s case.

This irresponsible and and incompetent scandal that saw highly sensitive intelligence and information allowed to be kept on unsecured personal servers has all but faded from the public mind. Until America’s top officials are held accountable for their crooked actions, fairness will never return to our political system and a two-tiered justice system will remain in place – with the rich and powerful able to skirt around the rule of law while the average citizen is railroaded for the most minor offense.