Next Debate Mod, Steve Scully’s Anti-Trump Bias May Dwarf Even Chris Wallace

After what was widely considered to be a hackjob to anyone with a set of eyes and a working brain, Chris Wallace as acting moderator at the first debate was exceptionally poor and extremely biased. It was so bad at one point, President Trump commented, “I guess I’m debating you, not him, but that’s OK – I’m not surprised”.

Trump even brought up the payments made from Ukraine to Hunter Biden that Joe Biden could only meekly write off as “not true” and that the recently released information had already been “totally discredited”. This exchange was one of the rare moments where Wallace was quiet during the night, not offering to verify the validity of the fact that the millions from Ukraine to Joe’s son, Hunter, did indeed occur.

Wallace’s anti-Trump bias was starkly exposed when he asked Trump to condemn white supremacy and militia groups across America. Wallace added that Trump should tell these groups to “stand down” and not add to the violence occurring across largely liberal American cities. Trump responded:

I would say almost everything I see is from the left wing, not the right wing…stand back and stand by, but someone’s got to do something about Antifa and the left.

The media quickly ignited in furor, claiming that Trump had failed to condemn white supremacists despite Trump already condemning and denouncing racism countless times over the years:

I would claim Wallace has a poor memory, but he seems to remember his mainstream media talking points just fine!

Even with the biased performance of Wallace, one must wonder whether the moderator of the second debate, Steve Scully, will outpace Wallace as top Establishment lapdog.

Some of Scully’s tweets already demonstrate how partial of a moderating force he would be between Biden – who Scully even interned for in college – and Trump.

Scully tweeting out a Media Matters article should tell you all you need to know about his opinion on Donald Trump.

Media Matters notably went after Trump in 2016 and has even received millions from George Soros, which likely bought him a fair amount of influence over their editorial work.

Scully has also been lauded as the “most patient man on television” – which Trump will assuredly put to the test.

However, it’s already been reported the next debate will potentially have a mic mute for Scully to shut down Trump if he is too much for Joe Biden to handle and acts in similar fashion to his abrasive performance in the first debate.

It seems that the Establishment is not keen on deploying a truly unbiased moderator to helm the debates. They know any potential Biden/Trump moderator would need to guide Biden through Trump’s verbal lashing like Wallace did.

Joe Rogan wouldn’t do that in such a manner Scully would undoubtedly do as moderator. With President Trump’s recent diagnosis of COVID-19 – if the debates do happen, a battered and punished Trump will have to expect going up one against two with another bogus moderator propping Biden up throughout the night again.

The unaware will assume“oh, a C-SPAN host, how balanced and fair!” In all likelihood, if the debates go on amidst the COVID-19 cases striking through DC, already weary viewers will sit in to another “moderated” bloodbath with another partisan hack that has no intention to moderate fair discussion.

As in 2016, this game is rigged and proves Trump right yet again.