Non-U.K. Born Population Nears 10 Million, Marriage Shunned In Sweden Unless It’s Used To Keep Migrants In Country

In a stunning new report from the U.K.’s Office of National Statistics, it has been revealed that the number of foreign-born Britons rose from 9.2 million in 2016 to 9.4 million in 2017.

2017’s increase to 9.4 million is a record high and teeters dangerously close to 10 million.

The increase comes in consequence of Europe’s open borders which allows free access across most of the continent. Migrants and refugees – mostly invaders under the guise of asylum-seekers – have long been streaming into the United Kingdom and Europe, refusing to assimilate into contemporary Western society.

Last week, Hungarian deputy prime minister, Zsolt Semjen forewarned of an “Islamic invasion” that will bring a demographic and culture shift so large it will reduce Europeans to being a “minority in our own continent”.

Speaking to hundreds of thousands of ethnic Hungarians at a pilgrimage gathering in Transylvania, Romania, Semjen said:

Islam is not part of European civilization. Consequently, if large numbers of Muslims flow into Europe, then family reunification, demographic trends, and the fact that Islam does not willingly assimilate – or even integrate – into European civilization, mean that very soon we could become a minority in our own continent…

Semjen continued, specifying that parallel societies” have already sprung to life in some parts of Europe, that the notion of “living under the shadow of Sharia” was real, and that right now might be “the last possible moment at which we can still halt this process”.

Semjen also posited that the current generation “is the last French generation which will be able to live the French way of life in France”. Furthermore, Semjen defended Christianity and traditionalism in the wake of the usurping of European culture by both refugees and political elite:

EU decision-makers devalued and hollowed out Christian civilisation from within. To be able to defend ourselves, therefore, we must first of all revive the self-esteem and pride of our own Christian civilization…

Notably, Hungary erected a border wall last year and cut illegal immigration into the country by 99%.

Erstwhile – on the other side of the spectrum – Swedish journalist and “culture critic”, Kristina Lindquist wrote a recent opinion piece for Sweden’s Dagens Nyheter. In the article, she espoused that she personally did not believe in the institution of marriage, labeling it as “one of the most central institutions of the patriarchy”.

In ultra-politicized 2018 – Lindquist’s proposal of marriage going hand-in-hand with “the patriarchy” is widely held and regarded by radical feminists as the truth. However, though she argued against traditional marriage, she went even further – defending and valuing the practice for asylum seekers as a way to keep them in the country and from being deported.

Lindquist explained:

To give a person a refugee residence permit [from marriage] – is not that a great opportunity to marry someone who can manage and wants it?

To marry a refugee is certainly not a “great opportunity” if they are using the union as a scot-free excuse to stay in the country. Is a migrant using a native-born Swede for their own aims really “managing” and “wanting” a marriage? To Lindquist, it seems to be that way; which is depressing since she seems to flaunt feminism and women empowerment

Is it any wonder why recent polls show that immigration and terror are the issues people across Europe are most concerned about?

As more refugees and migrants pour into Europe across open borders, ordinary citizens are finding the problems are not getting better but, in fact, are getting worse. Awareness of the actual issue facing the European Union and its populace – and the real dangers of unfettered immigration – must be confronted post-haste; solution and action must follow even quicker. Time is running out for any potential change to stand up against and turn the tide of a rapidly-shifting culture and continent.