One Third Of Poland Now “LGBT-Free” Zone

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A third of Poland, in an area the size of Hungary, has been declared as an “LGBT-free” zone.

100 Polish governments have proclaimed themselves to be “free from LGBT ideology” and enacted decisions that enable discrimination and intolerance against the LGBTQ community.

Despite the European Parliament passing a resolution last December to condemn no-go zones, the areas continue to grow. Parliament also urged Poland to condemn discrimination and revoke resolutions that impacted LGBT rights.

Poland refused the calls to lessen their anti-gay beliefs – saying that homosexuality threatens Poland’s long-standing culture of Christianity.

Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party, or PiS, saw a major victory when Jaroslaw Kaczynski won after campaigning on extremist homophobic views. In August, he said this of LGBT pride parades:

This travelling theater that is showing up in different cities to provoke and then cry… we are the ones who are harmed by this, it must be unmasked and discarded.

Although many Polish communities have outright banned LGBTQ views or beliefs, 34 municipalities have adopted a more mild approach. The “Municipal Charter of Family Rights” doesn’t reference “LGBT ideology” or even LGBTQ people but proposes instead that communities focus on the protection of the traditional family.

It is ironic that outcry and furor is met with Poland attempting to keep their core traditions and values intact, yet the refugees and migrants streaming into the European Union have much more extreme and brutal views in regards to homosexuality. Middle Eastern countries kill homosexuals by hanging or stoning. Numerous examples of the intolerance held by Islamicized Middle Eastern countries can back up this notion…

For instance – in 2017, Chechnya, a Muslim majority country, opened the first concentration camp for homosexuals since Hitler last did so. Gay men were reportedly tortured with electric shocks and beaten to death. In 2016, Muslims hacked to death the editor of Bangladesh’s first LGBT magazine.

As far back as 2013, the then-UK Islamic leader stated that “gays would be executed in an ideal world“. During an interview with BBC Three Counties Radio, Abdul Qadeer Baksh made the controversial statement whilst debating extremism with with presenter Olly Mann and Tommy Robinson. However, Baksh did retreat on his comment and specified it only applied to an “ideal society” – such as a Muslim country run by Sharia Law… Which makes it all better, right?

Jakub Gawron, the Globalist puppet who drew up the “Atlas of Hate” for Poland, calls the charter more dangerous than the resolutions against LGBT ideology because they are not translatable into local law.

Equality parades in Poland are often met with attacks from activists who chant homophobic phrases at Pride-goers or throw eggs, bottles, and firecrackers at them. LGBT artworks or installations are also destroyed.

A married couple were sentenced this month to one year in prison after they brought three homemade explosives to a pride parade in Lubin.

Their explosives, if detonated, could have killed or injured numerous bystanders within a 25-foot radius.


Before criticizing the actions of Poland, perhaps the EU and other governments should take a look at the character and ideology of the migrants they allow to enter their nations and communities, seemingly without limit.

Truly, there are extremists on both sides of the aisle. But to point the finger at Poland – while still turning a blind eye away from raping, anti-LGBT migrants and refugees incompatible with modern society – is a special kind of ignorant.