Ongoing Durham Probe and Sussman Trial Brings Uncomfortable Spotlight On Hillary Clinton

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Michael Sussman, a one-time employee of law firm, Perkins Coie and former representative for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee is currently on trial, being charged in the long-going Durham probe.

A quick refresher, John Durham was appointed in 2019 to investigate the original FBI investigation on Trump’s campaign, known as “Crossfire Hurricane”. As a result, the “Mueller Report” was launched and took an astoundingly stupid amount of time and money to conclude with no evidence of Trump/Russia collusion and exonerate Trump.

Testifying at Sussman’s trial, Robby Mook – former Hillary Clinton campaign manager – directly tied Clinton to giving a false and bogus story to the media that claimed the Trump campaign colluded with a Russian bank. In 2016, Sussman had a meeting with the FBI where he pushed this bit of misinformation along.

Notably, Sussman was also the one who helped the DNC after the “Russian hack” on their servers, which definitely wasn’t an internal leak.

During trial, former FBI General Counsel James Baker also testified that there was “nothing there” between Alfa, the Russian bank, and Trump’s campaign.

It’s far past time for Hillary Clinton to answer under oath about her role in disseminating misinformation to achieve a political advantage.

With one single bit of fake news pushed by a compliant media, Hillary Clinton unleashed all of the furor and fuel that burned behind the Trump/Russia hoax the entire time it was being artificially pushed front-and-center during the 2016 election cycle.

Ethicless and corrupt behavior like Clinton’s honestly transcends rule of law in America and should be taken with the utmost seriousness. Someone’s status or reputation should not insulate them from any wrongdoing or consequence.