Pakistani Rochdale Grooming Rapists Still Walk The Streets They Debased As Free Men

Adil Khan and Qari Abdul Rauf, members of the infamous Rochdale grooming gang, were convicted in 2012 for multiple charges relating to the sexual exploitation of minors as young as 12. Khan was found guilty of trafficking a fifteen-year-old girl and impregnating a thirteen-year-old girl. Rauf was also convicted of trafficking a fifteen-year-old for sex, driving her in his taxi to secluded areas where he raped her and took her to an apartment where he and others had sex with her.

Despite these heinous crimes, Khan and Rauf were released early from prison. Rauf was sentenced to six years, only serving two years and six months before being released. Khan was sentenced to eight years and only served four. Both of these men have been allowed to roam freely, despite police confirming that the 9 members of the Rochdale grooming gang raped as many as 47 girls.

Despite pledges from the British government to deport them, nothing has materialized and they both still remain in the country. However, Khan does not believe his or Rauf’s transgressions to be that serious, telling an immigration tribunal in London earlier last week:

We are not that big a criminal… We have not committed that big a crime. The journalists have made our lives a living hell… The journalists made us out to be big criminals.

Khan and Rauf have started another appeal against being deported back to Pakistan, their native country. Notably, the pair have racked up over £2 million in tax-payer funded legal aid, such as this most recent appeal.

Khan has argued that deportation would leave him “stateless” due to him renouncing his Pakistani citizenship in 2018. Khan has even cited Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights when appealing deportation, somehow foregoing the fact that he sexually exploited children and got a thirteen-year-old girl pregnant despite denying the baby was his.

Yes, it is indeed a sharp disavowal of human rights to have these two men walk freely on the same streets they got girls from. The main victim of the Rochdale grooming gang’s abuse, Girl A as referenced in press reports from the 2012 trial of the Rochdale gang, detailed in April:

These monsters were told they were going to be deported back to Pakistan in 2015 and yet they are still walking the streets of the town where they abused dozens of girls like me. We were told they would be kicked out of the country. Knowing that had been done would have been a huge help for all of us in trying to rebuild our lives. But instead we’re still haunted by the pedophiles who raped and trafficked us. Every day we run the risk of bumping into these rapists and pedophiles. Where’s the justice in that? And where’s the message to the grooming gangs?

The United Kingdom’s Home Office has repeatedly dodged the issue of why the Rochdale rapists have not yet been deported and are still allowed to frequent the same community they inhumanely corrupted. If Khan doesn’t see any wrong-doing from his actions, not only is he a reprehensible human being – he sees nothing wrong with doing it again to different girls.