Philadelphia After Trump’s Win – Pro-Trump Hoaxes, And Anti-Trump Vandalism Going Unpunished

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Like many cities across the United States, Philadelphia has experienced a surge in anti-Trump demonstrations following Trump’s victory in the election.  Protesters took to the streets, and remained there even after over a full week since Election Day had passed, continuing to protest.  As NBC10 reported, protesters took to the streets during the day, during clearly organized protests with obvious evidence of central planning:

“This event is to protest president-elect Donald Trump, vice president-elect Mike Pence & the Electoral College,” an organizer wrote. “Trump is a racist, bigoted, misogynistic, narcissist who makes fun of the disabled and he does NOT represent me or the hundreds of millions of people who did NOT vote for him.”

(Question: Do these people have jobs?  If so, are their employers OK with them taking time off to protest?  Or, are they paid professional protesters?)

These protests are clearly making things more difficult for the police, who are already thinly-stretched numbers wise as it is, and have been forced to deal with increasing crime across the city, largely involving increasingly youthful perpetrators.  As NBC10 again reported, on Saturday, November 12th at around 6pm, a “flash mob” of youths attacked people at random in Center City Philadelphia, injuring six, including an off-duty Philadelphia police detective and his wife, who had tried to break up the mob:

The detective announced he was a police officer and tried to arrest one of the teens who was kicking the two men. As the detective grabbed the teen he was punched from behind by several other attackers, police said. The detective’s wife splashed water on the teens in order to stop them. One of the attackers then punched the woman in the face, police said. All of the teen attackers then fled the area.

The detective suffered an orbital fracture to his right eye. The man and his wife, who also suffered minor injuries, were both taken to Jefferson Hospital for treatment. Three other people suffered minor injuries during the attack.

If you’re wondering why there weren’t more police on the streets of Center City on a Saturday night, you might instead want to ask yourself where the anti-Trump protests were taking place, as police attention was likely diverted to them.

Which all makes you wonder; in a city with so many anti-Trump protests, and with violence so commonplace, wouldn’t most of the vandalism and graffiti come from anti-Trump protesters, and not pro-Trump supporters who are likely scared to even be on the streets at all?

Apparently not, because the night after Trump’s election, when protesters were out in force, it was alleged that a pro-Trump supporter sprayed racist and pro-Trump graffiti all over the city.  The NY Daily News, a paper known to cover hoax pro-Trump attacks as reality, commented on the incident, stating the following:

Donald Trump’s unexpected rise to the presidency coincided with the 78th anniversary of Kristallnacht — and Nazis in Philadelphia appeared to revel in the fact as police there discovered the President-elect’s name spray-painted alongside swastikas on a storefront window Wednesday morning.

And, as Metro Philadelphia covered, reporter Alexis Sachdev and Philadelphia residents were convinced the graffiti came from a Trump supporter, despite their notation of the obvious fact that Trump supporters spray painting the streets of Philadelphia would likely face assault and injury for doing so.

“To feel comfortable doing this means that you think that you have some sort of entitlement or sayso to this neighborhood,” Palladino, a South Philly resident said.

“This s— happens in South Philly, whoever the f— this is, they’re gonna get their teeth knocked out,” she added.

Palladino blamed the hateful graffiti on Trump, the “monster that’s now our president.”

Another young woman, Amy Schiowitz, struggled to hold back tears.

“This is a f–ing hate crime,” she said, adding that she expects City Hall to respond. “This is not the type of city we want to live in.”

So, who was the “pro-Trump” supporter look like, that sprayed Nazi, pro-Trump, and anti-black graffiti all over Philadelphia?  He was finally arrested almost two weeks after the attack, though it took the police another two weeks to release his photo.  Notably, the SUV he defaced belonged to his ex-girlfriend.

Not exactly how you would picture a Nazi supporter who hates black people, is it?  Also, how is this a hate crime, when the hoax itself could have easily been all a ruse to get away with vandalism in a domestic dispute?  Chalk the whole incident up to yet another hoax crime against Trump supporters, falsely reported, instigated and perpetrated by the mainstream media.

At least they (finally) caught the person responsible, and he will face charges for his crimes, unlike the mainstream media, who will still continue to push false stories of Trump attacks.  But what about all those who sprayed anti-Trump graffiti all over Philadelphia, that also cost time and money to remove?

I guess it depends on who you are.

32 year old Philadelphia city attorney Duncan Lloyd was seen walking down the street in Chestnut Hill, wine glass in hand, when he sprayed the “Fuck Trump” graffiti pictured above.  Even though he is a city lawyer, and his conduct was addressed and denounced by Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney himself, he will somehow not be fired from his (government) job over the incident, with his punishment being limited to two weeks of unpaid leave and 40 hours of community service.

If you were to comb through the Philadelphia police statistics regarding graffiti/vandalism arrests, I can only imagine how many underprivileged youths faced far harsher consequences than this merlot-drinking city attorney did.  Bear in mind, the city decided that he would keep his job.  Would your employer react the same way if it was you who was caught committing this crime?

Different rules for different people, it seems.

I was again fortunate enough to speak with TRUNEWS correspondent Edward Szall, who has covered pro-Trump hoax attacks extensively.  Szall pointed me towards the myriad of hoax pro-Trump attacks that have occurred since Trump won the election.  Notably, he pointed out that the mainstream media almost never covers the stories after they are found to be hoaxes, and retractions are few and far between.

Szall named NY Daily News senior justice writer Shaun King as someone who in particular writes about hoax stories and posts hoaxes to his 548k Twitter followers, including the (obvious) hoax attack I recently wrote about. Like the paper he writes for, he does not bother to retract them when they are proven to be false.

These false stories have even led to bullying of pro-Trump teenagers by anti-Trump youths, as Szall exemplified with the below video. 

So next time you hear about an attack, vandalism, or hate speech by a pro-Trump individual, especially in a big anti-Trump city, ask yourself if its the truth or not… because the mainstream media reporting the attack has clearly demonstrated that they won’t bother fact checking.  And, when their stories are later found out to be hoaxes, call them out for it, and get the news (and the truth) from somewhere that actually provides honest, fact-based reporting.

Together, we can Make Journalists Honest Again.