Police Castigate German Mother For Daring To Identify Alleged Migrant Child Molester

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Authorities in Germany gave warning to the public after a woman shared a picture of a man online she believed had molested her 12-year-old daughter in hopes the public would help identify him.

At the beginning of the month, a case of alleged sexual harassment of a young girl on a train inappropriately touched by a stranger caused major disturbance online after the girl’s mother took to social media to enlist the help of the public in identifying the man.

Along with her post, attached were several pictures showing a dark-skinned man sitting in a seat in a large compartment of the train. “Who knows this man?” the mother asked in the Facebook post along with the pictures. In under 24 hours, the post had been shared more than 10,000 times.

Authorities, however, published a post of the same picture – albeit heavily pixelated and with a red “X” over the man with the message “So not!”

In a statement, German police said:

We point out that the publication of portrait photos without the consent of the depicted is a criminal offense and prosecution is prosecuted by the police…

However, several days after the post, police arrested the suspect – and a spokeswoman for police even admitted that the pictures posted online did help investigators identify the man.

Police, though, saw more fit to protect the alleged molester in the situation rather than work with a victimized child and her mother – which is a true testament to just how far Germany has fallen under Merkel’s reign.

Notice the wording of the statement put out by authorities regarding the mother’s post – “the publication of portrait photos without the consent of the depicted is a criminal offense“.

Did the young girl who was allegedly harassed and molested by this man whilst merely riding on a train consent to his actions? Absolutely not.

The intentions of police in Germany could not be more clear from this incident: do not rock the boat when it comes to any potential migrant crime or the chance you’ll be punished isn’t just a vague threat but an actual possibility.

From their total inability to protect the public or charge those who have done unthinkable crimes with sentences matching the atrocities, authorities in Germany are now actively defending and protecting migrant rapists from public scrutiny.