Pope Warns About Plastics In Ocean, Antisemitism – Whilst Ignoring The Church’s Decades-Long History Of Sex Abuse On Children

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Last month, in a virtually unreported story from the mainstream mediaPope Francis stood accused by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano of knowing about the sexual abuse of children by former Cardinal, Theodore McCarrick and failing to act on it.

The bombshell story even revealed that Pope Francis repealed sanctions on McCarrick, enabling him to prey on children within the church.

On the heels of the revelations, however, Pope Francis dismissed the allegations made by Vigano, saying:

I will not say a single word on this. I think this statement speaks for itself, and you have the sufficient journalistic capacity to draw conclusions.

Instead, he declared an “emergency” regarding the amount of plastics littering the oceans.

It seems that the sexual abuse of children does not top Pope Francis’ priority list.

This week, he further solidified his priorities, warning of the “rebirth of antisemitism“, speaking in Lithuania’s centuries-old Jewish community that was nearly wiped out during World War II. Pope Francis said:

In this place of remembrance, Lord, we pray that your cry may keep us alert. That your cry, Lord, may free us from the spiritual sickness that remains a constant temptation for us as a people: forgetfulness of the experiences and sufferings of those who have gone before us.

It seems that as Francis espouses of the “forgetfulness of experiences and sufferings”, he ignores the biggest and most dire scandal of them all: predators in power preying on youth.

As WaPo (of all places) succinctly points out, the Catholic church’s sex abuse crisis is decades-long and international:

Sixteen years after the scandal burst onto the world stage, the Vatican, and Pope Francis, have failed to meet the challenge. So far, the church has failed to get it right – a massive shortcoming that threatens the legacy of a third consecutive pontiff and the authority of the institution itself.

Last month, a grand jury in Pennsylvania detailed seven decades of clerical sex abuse involving 300 priests who molested and preyed on more than 1,000 children. 

Despite Pope Francis’ dismissal of Vigano’s claims, the Catholic church’s house of cards is collapsing.

With the scope and intensity of these scandals being willfully ignored by the Pope, it makes one wonder whether or not the Catholic church is beyond reform.

Pope Francis’ decisive ignorance of the matter doesn’t set a good precedent for the ousting of scourge and perverseness that is infesting the church.