President Trump’s First Foreign Trip: No Matter The Fake News Spin – Still A Huge Success

President Trump – after a successful and historic first foreign trip – has returned to the political swamp of Washington, D.C. With talks of a major shake-up of top level advisers and attempts to tamp the leaks and furor coming from the White House to finally stabilize his administration, President Trump hit a home run concerning the first foreign trip of his Presidency still in its infancy.

Traveling through the Middle East and Europe, the President met with many world leaders and stood firm representing average, everyday Americans overseas.

Saudi Arabia

On the first stop of their foreign trip, the President and First Lady stopped in Saudi Arabia and met with King Salman and Muslim leaders at the Riyadh Summit 2017. At the summit, Trump gave a speech on Islam and terrorism, calling for the Kingdom and the U.S. to unite against extremism. During their visit, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump also visited the National Museum of Saudi Arabia.

Trump signed a $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia, the largest in world history. It’s expected of a businessman to make deals – lucrative ones, at that; however, there’s one inherent problem with this arms deal.

Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest source of funds for Islamist militant groups.

For Trump’s rousing speech on curbing Islamic extremism, to give a proven source of state-sponsored terrorism $110 billion just doesn’t carry with that message.

It makes you wonder Trump’s intentions. Was this deal worth the boost to “American employment” and “the economy”, as Press Sec Sean Spicer claimed? Islamic extremism is ripping through the Middle East and Europe; claiming innocent lives and creating a growing humanitarian crisis. I believed Trump – of all people – understood the gravity of what was really going on.

Only time will tell… as always, Mr. President – we’re holding you accountable.


On the next stop of the trip, President Trump descended on Israel with a stark observation for PM Netanyahu. To accomplish peace with Arab neighbor, Palestine, the decades-old standoff between them must be resolved. On Trump’s part, it was a bold declaration, considering Netanyahu’s sensitivity on the matter.

Trump also became the first sitting President to visit the Western Wall and visited the Yad Vashem – Israel’s official memorial to victims of the Holocaust. On his final day, after delivering an address at the Israel Museum, Trump visited with pediatric cancer patient, Emilee Imbar – something wholly unreported by the Fake News media. It would have been much too difficult for them to negatively spin. Therefore, they outright ignored it.

Really, after Trump’s often and repeated praises for Israel on the campaign trail, the visit was expected and successful. Israel is seemingly an indispensable ally in Trump’s eyes and he did a wonderful job of extending an olive branch to negotiate peace in the region.

Fake News spin:

After arriving in Israel to a red carpet, First Lady Melania was seen “swatting” the President’s hand after he reached for hers. Predictably, the Internet lost its mind. Online commentators assumed anger was behind the “swat”. However, to me, it reads more like this:

  • President Trump – on the first stop of his first foreign trip – reaches out to First Lady Melania for reassurement, asking her “We got this?
  • The First Lady taps his hand in response, “Yes, we got this.

Sure, you can believe the unfounded and downright scandalous claims of a rift between the two of them. However, reality is often the most boring assumption readily available.

Rome, Vatican City

For their stop in Rome, President Trump and First Lady Melania met with President Mattarella and PM Gentiloni of Italy. Notably, they also stopped at Vatican City to meet with the Pope.

The President and the Pope spoke at length. During their talk, the Pope gave Trump a self-written 192-page book on the partnership of science and religion to battle man-made climate change. After their talk, First Lady Melania joined her husband to visit Pope Francis and ended up  completely stealing the show.

As they shook hands, the Pope reportedly asked Melania, “What do you give him [Trump] to eat? Potica?” The reference to potica, a dessert from Melania’s native home of Slovenia, thrilled her. First Lady Melania also confirmed that she was Roman Catholic, the only Catholic First Lady since Jackie Kennedy!

The First Lady practiced refined, graceful dignity during her visit at Vatican City and caught the world’s attention – not an easy task to accomplish when your husband is firecracker Donald J. Trump. It’s obvious that her meeting with the Pope and the visit to Rome was of tantamount meaning to her. Clad in black, Melania even respected the old-school protocol of “privilege of the white” – which decrees only a select handful of women can wear white during audience with the Pope. Talk about classy!

Fake News Spin:

Here’s a picture widely circulated of Trump’s visit with the Pope. The President’s joyous smile contrasts sharply with the stoic – almost grave – look that Pope Francis has.

However, here’s another picture of their visit, one you most likely haven’t seen:

The shameless Fake News media – of course – ran with the first image, dubbing it a “horror movie” and making cringeworthy memes of the photo. The phony and deceiving media just couldn’t help themselves. In typical fashion, the media manipulated the photo with the Pope’s stoic expression into something they could report as negative. No matter the spin, the President’s holy trip was an overwhelming success. President Trump said he is more devoted than ever to pursuing peace worldwide.

But no, because of a single photo of a happy Trump next to an expressionless Pope, the President’s trip to the Vatican resulted in only embarrassment and failure. If the Fake News outlets had anything to say about it, this would be the narrative they have you believe!


For his stop in Brussels, President Trump met with the King and PM of Belgium and attended the 28th NATO summit. Notably no fan of the Alliance, Trump told NATO members directly: pay up. He also claimed 23 of 28 members were still not paying enough for their national defense and most even owed a great deal of money. Trump also said that the lack of funds from NATO members fell on the shoulders of American taxpayers. However, his call to action for payments seems to have paid off. Trump reported on Twitter that many NATO countries have agreed to step up payments “considerably”Good!

Fake News Spin:

Seemingly, it was the “shove” heard ’round the world. Purveyors of Fake News ran with this harmless interaction between Trump and Dusko Markovic, PM of Montenegro, into the ground. Unhinged, violent Trump literally pushed past a world leader!

Except, really, judging by the initial surprised reaction by Markovic before Trump even pushes past him, it’s more than possible that the Montenegro PM accidentally stepped on Trump’s foot and Trump shouldered past to get out of the way. Trump even grimaces in pain before he steps ahead…

The PM of Montenegro said he didn’t really care if Trump did shove past him, calling it an “unoffensive situation”. Thus, it’s a non-issue. The Fake News empire only looks desperate attempting to sling mud at Trump only to watch it slide off of him. It must be infuriating for the mainstream media after two years of attempting to bring down then-candidate Trump and now-President Trump to no avail. Therefore, the only consistency Fake News can seem to keep is their reputation of being total losers!


For his final stop in Taormina, Italy, President Trump attended the 43rd G7 summit. After his brash, unfiltered remarks during the meeting of NATO members just days before, many wondered how G7 would go. Mostly, it went off without a hitch. Well, that is – aside from Trump declining to commit to the Paris climate change agreement, which seemingly angered German Chancellor Merkel. It should be of no surprise to anyone that the President is confident and refuses to bend to the whims of opinions and views he doesn’t agree with. That, too, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We watched for eight years as Obama knelt before other world leaders in submission. Therefore, Trump standing up to these manipulative, globalist leaders is a nice change of pace.

Fake News Spin:

It was widely reported – and even went viral – that during Italian PM Gentiloni’s speech at the G7 summit that Trump wasn’t using a translation device. However, even WaPo admits this claim was false. It turns out that the translation device the President was using was just really small. Again, the desperation of the Fake News media to make the President look bad only makes them look worse! Thus, the Fake News media continues to look like fools without even realizing it – and will they ever? I doubt it.



After Trump’s upset win in November, leftists bemoaned the mere possibility of Trump representing America on the world stage. How could such an obnoxious, beleaguered, incompetent asshole ever accomplish anything of value on the world stage, they whined…

Political anxiety is fading as Trump proves to the world: he is competent and he can lead.

Get used to being wrong if you doubt Trump. Aside from the somewhat worrying Saudi arms deal he brokered, President Trump’s first foreign trip was an enormous success and laid to rest the accusations he would be an unhinged madman on the world stage. After Obama’s outright refusal to act as a leader for America, it’s great to have someone not afraid to say what’s needed to be said – no matter who it offends. Therefore, America first! Thus, no more catering to dithering world leaders that only take advantage of us!