The REAL Reasons People Will Vote For Trump

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Someone close to me, who is voting for Hillary, sent me this article recently, thinking it did a great job of characterizing Trump voters as real people.  And I was so mortified and incensed reading it, that I felt it necessary to respond with my own thoughts on this election, and who I will be voting for.

The article is a perfect example of virtue signaling as it relates to this election.  Nowhere in the article does John Biggs, the author, indicate that he has actually spoken with any Trump voter who actually has anything positive to say about Trump himself or his proposed policies.  Instead, the quotes are merely meant to symbolize angry conservatives who are voting against Hillary moreso than they are voting for Trump.  It seems this Ohio native turned Brooklyn hipster has taken but one glance at the odds and surmised that since he believes Hillary is going to win, and since he has such a large following, it is his duty to begin reaching out to Trump voters to bridge the partisan divide.  It seems as if he wants to unite everyone under a nation of corruption and crime for the leaders, but not for the general population.  Seeing as how I regularly communicate with Trump voters, I felt it my duty to respond, and will preserve the anonymity of my contributors by speaking through my own voice. 

However, it is important to give some background on myself, my voting record, and who I will be voting for.  Since I have been eligible to vote, I have voted for the Libertarian candidate for President.  I am firmly convinced that the differences between the two parties are merely superficial, as they are both committed to deficit spending, endless wars, welfare handouts, and corporate bailouts/kickbacks, which are the real issues plaguing the country today.  Most recently, in 2012, I voted for Gary Johnson, as I was very impressed with his campaign and platform.  At the time, Charlie at Single Dude Travel did an excellent job of characterizing what it means to vote for a third party, and not be a part of the two-party scam:

Voting for the “lesser of two evils” is repugnant, intellectually lazy, stupid and morally decrepit. The whole point of democracy and voting in the first place is to demand a candidate you believe in. If anything is wasting a vote it’s voting for someone you term as “the lesser of two evils”. How about a new rule: “Don’t vote for evil, dumbasses!”

Last year, seeing as how he was running again, and looking at the pathetic field of candidates put forward from both parties, including Donald Trump, I assumed I would again be voting for Johnson. However, a few things changed for me recently.  Most importantly, Johnson displayed an incredible aloofness while campaigning, and with the possibility of becoming President.  He not only deviated from the Libertarian platform, he had several blank moments, mostly regarding taxation and foreign policy.  His choice of notorious gun grabber Bill Weld as running mate met me with disdain, and when Weld recently abandoned the Libertarian campaign to convince people to vote for Hillary instead, out of his “fear” of Trump, I was aghast.  I realized Weld, the 2nd name on the Libertarian ballot, was a mere establishment shill, and had abandoned everything the platform stood for.  Meanwhile, Trump had been slowly but surely positioning himself as the anti-establishment candidate, campaigning against corporate interests, and on a platform that doesn’t involve warmongering and control by bureaucrats, billionaires, elites, and the MSM.

So, I’m currently an undecided voter; I haven’t made up my mind between Gary Johnson and Donald Trump.  However, if you’ve been reading my content, it should be rather obvious where I stand on at least a couple things.  The major thing I’ve decided in regards to this election is that the only thing worse than voting for Hillary Clinton and electing a criminal who is for sale to the highest bidder with disdain for the general public, is doing so for the sole purpose of “voting against” Donald Trump. Voters’ refusal to consider a vote for Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Poopy McPoopypants, or any other write-in candidate is exactly as Charlie described it above.  They have been so blinded by billionaires, elites, and the MSM with disdain for Trump, they are willing to continue their “march of tyranny” by electing a criminal who cares for no one except those who have enriched her with their control over her leadership.

The March of Tyranny by Ben Garrison

No matter what, when I go to the polls and cast my vote, I will be casting my vote FOR a candidate I believe in, and not merely casting a vote against a candidate I do not believe in.  And they will not be what some virtue signaling elitist has fed me; like many of the other Trump voters, the majority of us have much more than angry emotion behind Trump’s platform.  I’m not sure – I still might end up voting for Gary Johnson.  But, if I end up voting for Trump, the below are the REAL reasons why myself, and many of his supporters, are voting for him and his platform.

Most importantly, I will vote for Trump because of what he is not – controlled by the global elites.  George Soros, who supports and funds violent Trump protests, violent BLM protests, open borders, and anti-Israel movements… is funding Hillary and staunchly against Trump.  Warren Buffett, who enriched himself from America’s tax breaks while denigrating Trump doing the same, and used his position on taxes as leverage to kill the Keystone XL pipeline, further enriching himself due to his ownership of BNSF, the competing railroad conglomerate… is funding Hillary and staunchly against Trump.  And notorious 2nd amendment hater Michael Bloomberg, who has restricted or banned trans fats, salt, and soda drinks, doing his best Raymond Cocteau impression of trying to turn New York into San Angeles… is funding Hillary and staunchly against Trump.  The fact that the elites, establishment, and MSM are so worried about losing control due to a Trump presidency is exactly the reason why he won the Republican nomination in the first place, and to me, the best part about his platform.

I will vote for Trump because he represents the polar opposite of our dysfunctional and corrupt political system.  Democrats and Republicans alike both cannot stand Trump, precisely because of what he represents – a threat to the status quo.  Even the Republicans who endorsed him were against him at first, and used a decade-old video to tuck tail and withdraw their support for him.  Congressional leaders in both the House and Senate, from both sides of the aisle, are forced by both parties to spend more time calling fundraisers in designated call centers than they do actually do working on writing laws.  Of course, relative to fundraising, the amount  of time they spend calling their own constituents is likely a very small fraction.  Trump’s popularity, which has nothing to do with fundraising and corporate control, is an inherent threat to the status quo and our current leaders’ existence.  Trump represents our country’s best chance at forcing term limits on Congress, which is another cornerstone of his platform.  This could lead to a real ban on Congressional insider trading and true political reform, as he has never held any political office himself.  As the only candidate on the ticket with no qualms on shaking up the status quo, all of our corrupt politicians’ hate for him is all the more reason to vote Trump.

Trump as Van Helsing

I will vote for Trump because he is the only true anti-war candidate with a chance for victory this large in the 30+ years that I’ve been alive.  Every President on the ticket, even (and in some cases especially) the Democratic ones, have been warmongers.  Notably, Obama campaigned on an anti-war platform, using his vote against the Iraq war to solidify his position… but most of us knew he was the same establishment candidate involving our country in endless global wars as all the rest before him.  Donald Trump has never held office, and thus he has never conducted airstrikes against people living in tents or promoted regime change in Middle Eastern nations.  His primary defense platform involves working with other nations to defeat ISIS and the other threats to the United States, and avoid endless wars and bombing campaigns wherever possible.  Though others campaign on the same platform, there is real reason to believe that Trump is truly the only anti-war candidate.

I will vote for Trump because of his position on healthcare.  Notably, that the only bit of defined policy he has is the repeal of Obamacare, and allowing insurers to compete across state lines.  Obamacare has been nothing short of a colossal failure.  For me, it has meant increased premiums and deductibles, and led me to live in constant fear of my policy being cancelled… and I’m one of the lucky ones, as others have in some cases had their policies cancelled multiple times.  The increase in insured customers has hardly made the insurance affordable or accessible, and has only barely offset the number of cancelled policies.  Like me, those who do have insurance pay their premiums only to live in fear of having to use it, as the high deductibles and massive out-of-pocket costs lead the insured to dread doctor visits, even when they are absolutely necessary.  Furthermore, being able to buy insurance across state lines will give consumers real choice in their policies, something Obamacare could never do.  There is no single effective health policy that doesn’t begin and end with the repeal of Obamacare, and Trump gets that, and that gets him votes.

I will vote for Trump because I really don’t care about the “social issues”, and I don’t think he does either.  The ones people rail on about, abortion and gay marriage, have already been decided by the Supreme Court.  The amount of popular support and inertia behind those decisions would make any attempt to overturn them all but impossible.  For the record, I’m pro-choice and pro-gay marriage, mostly because I’m really pro-whogivesashit; I could care less what you do as long as it doesn’t bother me, and its not like I can stop you anyway by criminalizing personal behavior.  More importantly, I don’t believe the MSM’s constant spouting of Trump as a racist, sexist, misogynist is the truth – I think he much more of a “merit-ist”, and that gets lost in his overall attitude towards his affairs.  And, I’m certain that a decade-old video is not relevant to how Trump will tackle the real problems this country faces.  I don’t think Trump cares to weaken his political position defending issues he probably doesn’t care about either, which he would only do to support a Republican establishment that has turned on him anyway.

Trump as The Adult In The Room - by Ben Garrison

Finally, I will vote for Trump because he is politically incorrect.  Trump is the only politician with no qualms about saying something that might start up the internet outrage machine, and then have the balls to stand by it when the outrage is at its peak. And, he obviously has a track record for such behavior.  I’m hardly alone as someone who is absolutely sick of the constant need for our leaders to be politically correct and gentle in policy direction solely out of fear of offending a small segment of the population, who will then take to Facebook and Twitter to whine about it.  We call these crybabies “Social Justice Warriors” (SJWs), and Trump is getting votes because he is the anti- SJW candidate, and the only candidate with tacks to stand up for what is right, regardless of who it offends.

Am I concerned about what a Trump Presidency would be like?  Absolutely!  Like all candidates, Trump is not without his flaws, and there is a lot more worry about Trump in particular, given that he is a political outsider.  I’m concerned that he’s actually just that orange-faced idiot from The Apprentice; an ignorant blowhard who shoots first and asks questions later.  I’m concerned that he doesn’t actually want to win, and could merely be running as either A) a paid plant of the Clintons, or B) doing everything he can to lose, and using his loss to propel his startup of his own media conglomerate.  I’m concerned that if he wins, he won’t actually want to rule at all, and will pass off most of the ruling responsibility to Mike Pence and other establishment surrogates.  Instead he will do his best Obama impression and spend most of his time on the golf course, possibly resigning at some point and giving the Presidency to Pence.  Most importantly, I’m concerned that if Trump wins, those who voted him into office will be blamed for the coming financial crash, which I see as very likely during either a Trump or Hillary Presidency, and this will spell the end of free speech and usher in a new age of censorship and political control by the elites. 

Yet, in spite of all of these risks, Trump could be the first and last political outsider with this good of a chance to lead this country who is not a socialist campaigning on handouts for all.  Trump represents what could be the last shot the anti-establishment movement has to dethrone the elites and their multiple layers of control, precisely because they hate him so much; he won’t owe anything to any politician and a large majority of elites if he wins.  And it is only fitting that in a nation full of whiny SJW crybabies and ignorant blowhards, this country would leave it to someone like Trump to somehow, and very surprisingly to me, be the one candidate who is actually campaigning on the platform of changing politics and the two-party system, which is why I’ve been voting Libertarian all these years.

Like Batman was to Gotham City in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight”: Trump is definitely not the hero America needs, but he sure as hell is the hero that America deserves. 

When I started writing this article, I truly was an undecided voter.  But, after writing all of the above, I’ve made my decision.  I will not continue to vote for a Libertarian candidate that doesn’t truly care about being President or changing politics in this country, and with a 2nd name on the ticket that has abandoned his own platform to campaign for THE establishment candidate.  Instead, I will vote for a different outsider of the two-party system, one that pledges to change partisan politics in this country.  I will vote for the candidate that is hated by the elites, establishment, and MSM.  I will vote for the candidate who does not support endless wars and warmongering, and has no track record of being involved in them.  I will vote for the candidate that pledges to change our broken healthcare system, with a plan that starts with the repeal of Obamacare.  I will vote for the candidate with the tacks to tell the country like it is, without fear of the internet outrage machine.  And I will vote for the candidate with the hope that if he wins, he and the movement that got him elected will finally bring about real, positive change to our broken two-party system.

I will vote for Trump. 

Trump as Samson - by Ben Garrison