Republican Majority Whip, Steve Scalise, Shot At GOP Baseball Practice – Is The Exclusively Negative MSM To Blame?

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In the early morning hours of June 14 in Alexandria, Virginia, a gunman opened fire at a GOP team practice for an upcoming charity baseball game between Democrats and Republicans. Rep. Steve Scalise, Republican majority whip, was shot at – and hit – in the hip.

However, Scalise is now in stable condition. The suspected gunman is dead after Scalise’s security detail fired back at him. Several eyewitnesses report 50+ shots were fired and only five people hit by the gunman. Senator Rand Paul gave credit to Capitol Police officers on the scene for preventing the shooting from turning into a “massacre”. Plainly, it could’ve been a lot worse. Michigan Rep. Mike Bishop even confirmed the shooter had “several rounds and magazines that he kept unloading and reloading“.

Thus, even with the heroic actions of the Capitol Hill officers and the thankful lack of fatalities, left-wingers are still celebrating.

Where could this sick, depraved mindset be coming from?

Could it have anything to do with the ardent anti-Trump Establishment-backed mainstream media that is obsessed with hating anything that has to do with Trump/Republicans?

It’s not just the media but elite Democrats as well. Former Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine called for leftists to “fight in the streets” against Trump just ten days after Trump’s inauguration! Loretta Lynch, former Attorney General under President Obama, even called for citizens to rise against the new administration. Two top Democrat officials calling for conflict on the nation’s streets – completely reprehensible.

More recently, Kathy Griffin did a photo op with an effigy of President Trump’s decapitated head.

A recent production of Julius Caesar produced by New York’s Public Theater also takes several creative liberties by re-imagining Caesar as Trump. The play ends, of course, with Senators stabbing the blond-haired, red-tied “Caesar” to death. Both Delta and Bank of America distanced themselves from the play due to its graphic, brutal nature; with Amex being the latest to pull support.

Is this behavior normal?

The media propped up and defended former President Obama but normalizes violence against President Trump. The radical and extreme nature of the media toward President Trump only incites and sows division.

Mainstream media – you’ve finally reaped what you’ve sown.

Below are extremist and radicalized Facebook posts from the shooter, James Hodgkinson:

Comparing Republicans to the Taliban…
Potentially targeting Scalise…
“It’s time to destroy Trump & Co.”
The television shows Hodgkinson liked on Facebook – all of them biased and leftist.

On top of all this, Rep. Ron DeSantis – also at the practice but left before the shooting started – described a “very strange” encounter with a man at the field before the shooting started. As he and another congressman were leaving, a man approached and asked them whether “Republicans or Democrats were out there” practicing. DeSantis said the man didn’t have a gun at the time but the shooting started just a few minutes later.

Political violence has, no doubt, been normalized by the Establishment-backed mainstream media. When an employee of CNN holds a mock decapitation for the President – the nation is in a bad way. It doesn’t matter that CNN fired Griffin; it matters that the incendiary and outright gruesome photo spread and possibly fueled any radicalized hatred already out there. James Hodgkinson is a testament that it already exists.